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Bank "Delta the credit". The protest rally.

ANTICOLLISION 20.01.2016 at 22:19

Blog "Anticollision" dedicated to loans and loan defaulters.

Today saw on TV the entertaining video, about how the people themselves are handcuffed inside the Bank. Interesting not from the point of view of borrowers, and from the point of view of how it was presented. And so, in the period from 2009 people took out mortgages in US dollars. By law you need to pay in rubles, so if for example in January 21, 2009, the U.S. dollar was 32,41, January 21, 2016 it is 79,46. Accordingly, if the monthly payment in 2009 was 500$, it came out 16205 rubles. Wages at that time in Moscow were also defective, for instance the accountant had 30 000 ( Now the situation is much worse. Payment of$ 500 is already 39730 rubles. And the salary of an accountant in Moscow 44,000 rubles ( If you have children, the situation gets catastrophic. I believe that protests don't help. High, will make promises to deal with complaints, in my opinion and stop. So, what to do? In my opinion there are such variants of solving the issue: 1. To terminate the contract with the Bank, for failure to make monthly payments. The court will award to pay the balance with interest. BUT, will stop the accrual of interest. 2. After receipt of such decision, a written statement about installment payment. This is to ensure that bailiffs are not pressed property for debt. 3. To offer Bank to buy property at market value to pay the difference from the already paid 4 payments. If there is no other housing, it is possible to recognize themselves bankrupt. Bad of course, but housing will remain, and the Bank is the creditor for life. 5. Give me a copy of the contract, close in your details, I can give a more clear option. Maybe the contract is something that can be complained about. After all, it was the Europeans under American rule, but they as Zadornov said "stupid!".

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