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ANTICOLLISION 26.01.2016 at 21:15

Blog "Anticollision" dedicated to loans and loan defaulters.

Last night gave me food for thought. One LiveJournal blogger's husband died and left credit. What to do?

the Question is quite ambiguous. In my family too there was a similar situation in the summer. The man died, the wife wanted to get the inheritance, but here came the surprise he had so many debts! He had cards of Tinkoff Bank, Card Bank Renaissance that he borrowed from microcredit organizations even purchased appliances on credit and the car loan. And here he died. What to do?

Option like this if the inheritance exceeds the amount of debts, it is possible to enter into the inheritance and to pay debts. You can sell the property for repayment of debts. For example after the deceased left the car the GAZELLE, the wife on the ride will not be as it was bought on credit, for earnings of her husband. In General, each situation must be considered individually. To calculate all the pros and cons and make a decision. By the way all You have half a year.

is Better of course a legacy not to enter!

the Instruments of death to send in a credit organization, to wait half a year and again send the documents to the loan organization. To take the notary the certificate stating that You have refused the inheritance and also send in a credit organization. And then through court to confirm their right to the property!

Though I understand a credit institution will also claim their rights on the property. Again, all the issues will be resolved in court.

Wait three years and quietly sigh.

Generally, in such situations it is better to ask for advice to professionals, they better tell me what to do. BUT!!!

1. Those who call themselves professionals are often professionals in some cases and lacking in others. But they will beat his chest and assert that they are professionals. Ask such a confirmation of their professionalism, well at least the feedback from the client. 2. It's worth the money. Maybe not such big as can seem, but it can save a lot of time and money. And You will not lose your money.

I heard about a situation where the spouse entered the inheritance because of the car, and got in the end the debt on the loan up to four times more than the car is worth. Husband in secret from his wife took the credit for development of business and issued it as a person.

So that only cold mathematical calculation and no emotion!

it is Best to make such decisions after a month or two after the death of a relative. And then grief a little easier to grasp the situation and will be able to see better. After a couple of months can open up some secrets that you simply hadn't noticed or seen.

good LUCK!

PS if You offer help, do not give up. Sign up on MY WEBSITE Soon all the materials will be posted only there.

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