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The most accurate in the world flea market

Glazura 31.01.2016 at 23:27

It is believed that old things are made more efficiently and with greater love. In fact, it is certainly not always the case. At flea markets you can find and Antiques, and things not useful to anybody, and just old junk. Walking around Tokyo, I unexpectedly met one of these markets and can confidently say that the most accurate in the world flea markets are in Japan! Let's see what they are trading?

Friends, below photos only. If you know the name of some traditional Japanese things — be sure to leave a comment.

photootchet: doll-the Daruma dolls (Bodhidarma).

Dolls Kokeshi, a type of our dolls.

to the Left of the short sword wakizashi is Jutta – arms patrol force in feudal Japan.

(Anonymous): Japanese tetsubin teapots, (tetsubin) teapot with a handle on top they are used for boiling and pouring hot water for drinking purposes.