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Marseille. The Basilica Notre Dame de La garde. What enthusiasm and what's-eye view?

Waying 04.02.2016 at 09:49

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On the first day of your stay in Marseille I ran to do what too lazy to do last time! Specifically: to ascend to the Church Notre Dame de La Hail. Actually, was planning on the tourist train... Thought it would be easier and more interesting... But, God, what a train, if the weather is wonderful, and the road on the hill promises to be such a simple and picturesque old districts through the narrow staircase... Run!

If you can walk and you have no pain, then please do not use to lift to Notre Dame de La garde train or bus! The way you can easily find and get great pleasure from walking. I suspect that the paths and stairways on the hill a lot, even if you deviate from the official route and going some roundabout way, it will come anyway! And you can see the Basilica from all points of the city. The beautiful landmark.

Although when you see these signs, slow down for a few seconds... Left or right?)

But I advise you to just go all the way up and upward — will be rewarded for perseverance!


Villa directly opposite the Basilica. I love these! Simple, charming... Everything about her is perfect.

At the top are already several tens of tourist and city buses... to the People — darkness, but now I'm back to the Basilica, unable to break away from the views of Marseille.

the Basilica Notre Dam de la Garde near I was not impressed. That's probably why I have so few pictures of her. The first thing that caught my eye is the huge, heavy Golden figure of the Madonna, it is not proportional to the Church. She crushes him with his weight.

took some pictures inside, but to handle the camera during the lighting of the Church, we need ogogo what skill!

Neither skill nor abilities to put the correct settings I have, so I'll do better on the street!

Around the Basilica is a beautiful space and again beautiful views. Best in Marseilles an observation deck!

the Economy at the Basilica and the main host.

Up here, you will experience great satisfaction from the species of beauty, especially if you love to photograph! This place can even be given to the first day of your stay here — this will be a good beginning. But on the way to the hill, upstairs are no cafes (so coffee with views of the Basilica is cancelled). But there is a so-called refectory at the Basilica itself, and there you can dine and drink, if you really itch, though not cheap.

Here we are here, on the hill of Notre Dame de La garde. Climb out of here and enjoy Marseille!

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