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Sweet Italian fun. Torrone called

Waying 04.02.2016 at 12:01

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Christmas day, the Italians greeted with a traditional festive dishes. Among them and original desserts.

This dense and even solid white mass with picturesque patches of nuts we are more familiar under the name of Nuga. The Italians call it torrone (torrone) and with great pleasure and enormous quantities are consumed at any time of the year, but still this product has a solid image of festive Christmas treats. It is usually sold by the tiles, like chocolate, but sometimes broken pieces, deliberately brutal in form, it seems to taste better.

No offense to the Italians be told, this dessert is clearly of Arab origin – and in the basic ingredients (nuts, honey, egg white), and the production technology (in the sultry East, it is important that sweets were stored longer). It should, however, be admitted that the Italian sweet tooth drove him to genuine perfection, giving at the same time and its own name: one of historical versions, during the middle ages these sweets in Italy, was made mainly in the form of towers (torre), hence the name.

the Nut component in the right torrone can be breed (almond, hazelnut or pistachio) or blended (a mixture in different proportions). In any case, the nuts are roasted first. Add the candied fruits and some other tasty things.

the Modern regional varieties of Italian torrone do not count. Somewhere it is made rock solid (duro) softer (morbido), not only adding the candied fruit, but also dried fruits and very soft with chocolate. In Northern Italy it is often fragrant with the vanilla. In Piedmont, where large volumes of cultivated hazelnut, with him torrone and produce. In some areas in the South (e.g. Sicily) in a purely Arabic add sesame seeds.

you Happen to visit the confectionery factory in Italy which produce torrone, you will see that this joyful and delicious product is the result of much physical labor, although powerful mixer and a special oven is also properly doing their job. The production is huge, because Italian Christmas without torrone does not happen.

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