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Shanghai. Part 3. The water village Zhu Jia ZAO (ZhuJiaJiao)

Waying 04.02.2016 at 18:41

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In the continuation of the technical part of the trip to China, will continue to talk about the sights of the city.

so, the water village Zhu Jia ZAO (ZhuJiaJiao)

Website: to this link here be sure to download and print out the map

How to get: This is strictly speaking not Shanghai, and some small town in the suburbs, the subway there. For the money the only sane way to travel is by bus. In the reviews often read that book for the whole day taxi for $ 100 and more. Well, if the money is nowhere to go, then of course. I will tell you how to do everything worse, but the budget. If you live not in the center, metro line 8, Dashijie station, exit 4. Next see the map. It is near people's square, its southern extremity. To walk from the subway a couple of minutes. You need the corner of Yanan and Puan. There is a final stop of buses to Zhu Jia ZAO.

This is the usual buses, similar to urban, but without a number and with a characteristic colour: white with pink stripes. As we approached, we saw a huge queue. But let's not forget that it was Saturday. Non-Chinese we were in the queue alone. Looked at us with quiet amazement. The bus came. We all had italici in him and went standing, and part of the people remained as they just don't fit. I tried to know when will be the next, but the Chinese led by conductor convinced us that waiting 40 minutes and I have to go now. It was almost noon and we decided not to pull. To drive traffic to one and a half hours, the ticket costs 12 yuan per person one-way. Almost all going to end, which is the bus station in the town Zhu Jia ZAO. Now look at the map I recommend to print and take with you. You are in the lower right corner (there is a painted bus), to the bridge, indicated by the number 12 on the plan, go for 10-15 minutes. No borders the city on the water does not exist, in fact it is just a few blocks of various shops and a number of sights among them. When leaving the bus station we've bonded trishaw with the aim to take us for 20 yuan to the bridge. He was acting annoying (which is usually not in the style of Chinese), we poked under the nose online, what stern was speaking and gesticulating. So he finally got loose, I showed him 10 yuan and said this much and not an ounce more, enough already, you old devil. To my surprise, he agreed and at pedestrian speed, we poskripeli to the bridge.

Back came on foot, got involved in another big queue at the bus station, but standing in the bus ride is somehow prohibited and, after waiting half an hour, left sitting quietly, swiping the opposite way in the dream.

the Price issue: As I already wrote above – no city limits no, the entrance is free.

Costs money admission to local attractions. They look so miserable that we are absolutely not interested. For those who wish they marked on the map.

Why to go: the village is cool, bridges, canals, boats, around a variety of local dishes and all sorts of simple ...

key Chains of fruit(?) of a tree (Oh, I'm not strong in botany)

... and crafty Souvenirs. Dragons, for example, made from the leaves

But it's a work of art ...

... conventional Lollipop

is mainly intended for local tourist, "white" is very small.

the Cultural consumption of seeds, spread out the cellophane

Production of a very popular local dish something like our stuffed cabbage. Rice, two kinds of fish(?)

is Packed in some kind of plant. We try to don't dare

Traditional duck

And fish

Jackfruit (a kind of breadfruit)

Fun to hang out for three hours, if in Shanghai more to see absolutely nothing.


to Try all sorts of buns

Buns with the durian

, Sometimes the contents of the trays identification is not amenable

Sweets. Give to try. One cookie turned to pepper inside

a lot of pork

Girls dressed in vintage shop in local clothes (there is such a service) in order to be photographed, but unexpectedly became the object for photos of all passers-by

Many local freshwater pearls from very bad to very worthy quality.

it is Seen that people trade, which they keep at the farm, as nothing but pearls no, right here and shell, and the whole pelvis substandard.

it is Cheap, and, of course, necessary to look at the quality and bargain as the last time. We clashed with the Chinese seller for a decent necklace for his wife, he wanted 390 yuan (so many he stood in the window), after a fierce fifteen-minute haggling went for 270. In General, if you wish, you can have fun shopping without spending a fortune.

the Time: in the morning, it makes sense to go hours not earlier than 10, before it is unlikely the traders will through being ridiculous, and without them there is nothing to do – not the color. Winter night in district 17 it's getting dark and everyone starts to curl, curled and we.

How long: normally about three Hours, after which it will be tired, and will bypass all main.

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