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Belev, Tula region Russia: in the city (part 2)

Waying 04.02.2016 at 22:54

Community of travellers. Photoreports from different places of the world.

1) take a Walk now the streets of Belev and look at the County building. At the end of the story - a few words about the recently closed area of the passenger train traffic between Belavin and Sukhinichi Kaluga region.

2) the Population at the time beleva 2015 — 134000 people at maximum population - 18300 people in 1989.

3) Museum, I was telling you about.

4), Its side facade.

5) Surprisingly, this is a former common faith Church of the ascension of our Lord 1818 buildings. In the former Church building took place the embalming of the deceased spouse Alexander I of Elizabeth.

6) the Central street of Karl Marx.

7) the House, judging by the embossed year on the gate, built in 1879.

8) Street Metropolitan Eulogius (in the world Vasily Georgievsky), an Orthodox Bishop, Metropolitan, D. D., and the Deputy of the State Duma, 1907-1912, called "peasant Bishop" for the assistance to ordinary people.

9) Opposite the bell tower of Holy cross monastery is the Church of the Nativity of the virgin 1715 built.


11) Walk on the main street.



14) Medical school.


16) PTU



19) In this house from 1884 to 1888 he lived commander of the 1st world war and the Civil war Vladimir Kappel.

20) Baroque cemetery Church of the Holy Trinity 1785 buildings. Near the temple is the tomb of the Optina monks, who after the destruction of the Optina Hermitage by the Bolsheviks arrived in Belev. This place is especially venerated by the parishioners.

21) Look at wooden nalichniki.











32) And it's a train station Belev, opened in 1899, together with a railway link, connecting the city with the Fee and Kozelsk (Kaluga region). From January 2016 stopped commuter traffic on the site Belev-Kozelsk. The place for study lovers of light density railroads.

33) the steam Locomotive-monument Em725-18

34) 28 October 1910 Leo Tolstoy stayed after leaving Yasnaya Polyana on the eve of death.

35) That's now the station, and plot in the Bryansk region from UNECE to the border with Ukraine where already the way disassembled. At the bus station asked about the bus to Kozelsk or Suhinici where trains have been cancelled, I was told that go on Fridays and Sundays. Train until its abolition ran every day. Now only remains to travel to the regional center in Tula or in Moscow (arriving from the capital, the bus came out a lot of guys, hard workers-guards).


37) Water tower destroyed near a grocery store.

I'm sorry for such a sad post, but I'd still like to be in the city began the process of economic development.

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