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In Hanover for a beer. And eat at the same time

Waying 06.02.2016 at 13:32

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The City of Hanover (Hannover) in the North of Germany is the capital of the Federal state of lower Saxony. As elsewhere in this country, there is also love beer.

Experts say that first city beer was brewed here in the early sixteenth century. Over the centuries, accumulated the experience, will be able to see him in person.

Ernst August Brauhaus Beer by German standards very young, next year 30 years will be executed. But for the year its visitors drink an estimated 600,000 liters of beer. As usual, the brewery and its right on the spot, recognizable krutoborka equipment copper glitters in the back of the room. Dozen varieties, in addition to bright and black and there are intermediate shades, including red and dark Dunkel, Saphir, they will understand. Especially if what you like, be able to buy in two-liter bottles with a convenient handle.

meanwhile, the cooks in this restaurant work is not less than the brewers, that is, can not just eat, and capital to eat. To begin, select one of three soups – potato, tomato or goulash, which the Germans have shamelessly appropriated from a traditional Hungarian diet. Then, as if incidentally (this section of the menu really called Zwischendurch) can order a large appetizer set (Brauhaus-Vesper) for two persons – you're not alone, come to drink beer? It is served on a huge cutting Board, and there are cold meats, including roast beef and black forest ham, and cheese spreads, and mouth-watering ball of lard with cracklings, smoked sausage, and pickles.

you can Then cool off with a salad, and then – finally! – will be the turn of more substantial foods such as pork shank, grimirovaniya beef or our signature schnitzel in several different ways.

If you are fond of fashion recently, bio-products, a must try in this place beer Bio-Weizen. In its production used organic malt and organic hops. Once you understand what bio-chip, let me know.

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