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Elusive African animals in their natural habitat on unique images from surveillance cameras

Glazura 16.02.2016 at 04:36

British photographer will Burrard-Lucas (Will Burrard-Lucas) was able to obtain photographs of the most elusive animals in the TRANS-border nature reserve Kavango-Zambezi in Namibia. To perform this difficult task he needed security cameras for animals and inexhaustible patience.

the Porcupine runs past security cameras for the animals.

in Summer 2015, photographer will Burrard-Lucas went to a three-month trip together with the world wildlife Fund to make high-quality photos of animals are difficult to see in the wild.

photo: antilope Canna.

"the Only thing I had to do was install security cameras for the animals. That meant I had to try to predict where you are likely will be accepted, to install the camera in suitable locations. Fortunately, this has helped me a lot researcher of the world wildlife Fund".

photo: a herd of elephants at a watering hole in the reserve of Masha in the Eastern part of the Zambezi, Namibia.

Through close cooperation with a researcher from the world wildlife Fund Lise Hanssen, who studied the distribution of species in the region, will managed to find some good places to install security cameras.

"When my trip came to an end, I decided not to remove the cameras so they could keep going for another 10 weeks. My goal was to get beautiful photos that could illustrate the richness of the wildlife of this region. If people see it, they will realize how much you can lose, if you do not care about the ensuring the proper protection of wildlife".

photo: wild dog.

security Cameras the animals were placed on the territory of the reserve and beyond.

will Placed security cameras of the animals "caught" representatives of many of sought species including leopards, hyenas, and even servals. And, of course, the camera lens got and other living beings.

"With one of the cameras installed near the waterhole in the reserve Masha managed to get photos of the incredible variety of animals, including elephants, giraffes, Cannes, wildebeest and Bush pig. In addition, there were received thousands of photos of Guinea fowl. By my count, on one photo of an animal I had 10 photos of Guinea fowl. To sort them, it took me a while".

the Herd of elephants in the Eastern Zambezi region in Namibia.

the Cannes Herd at the waterhole in the reserve Masha.

the Elephant in the national Park Bwabwata.

the Elephant came close to the camera.