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NASA released a retro-posters about space travel

Glazura 16.02.2016 at 06:24

Now all very keen on the theme of flight into space and explore the Universe. NASA has decided to support this interest and has produced a series of retro posters of what would have been space travel, if we had the technology to do this.

These posters are a kind of advertising. They advertise tours to other planets.

These posters formed the basis of calendar for 2016. Calendar name: “vision of the future”.

in Addition, the posters are part of the holiday. NASA is celebrating the opening of the Observatory Kepler multiple planets.

On these planets and their satellites can theoretically be life. And these celestial bodies are depicted on the posters.

the Posters done in the style of 20-40-ies of the last century. Each poster describes the advantages of open travel of the heavenly bodies.

Another objective is to inspire future space travelers.

the Employees of NASA hope that thus will be able to inspire future scientists on the first steps in space exploration in the future, who knows, maybe they will become pioneers in space travel.

Europe — the sixth moon of Jupiter. The surface consists of ice and is one of the smoothest in the Solar system; it contains very few craters, but many cracks.

51 Pegasi b — the first exoplanet discovered at the main sequence star 51 Pegasus.

Enceladus — the sixth largest moon of Saturn.