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The experiments Prize. Houdini 20.12.2015 – Zlata Dmitruk

Video 16.02.2016 at 06:50


Advanced testing Zlata Dmitruk (legal shooting) Claimed paranormal ability: the ability to see the dead and communicate with them. The organizing Committee of the award was taken from public sources 15 well studied and documented cases with reliably established causes of death. Of 15 pictures before the test, one of the experimenters randomly chose 10. The test was for each person to find the right circumstances, using a list of 15 items. Pre-prepared formulations solve the problem of General, vague phrases that can be interpreted in different ways. And since conducting the test knew the correct answer, they could not deliberately or inadvertently give a hint. Information owned by whoever prepared the materials, however, the Advisory Council considered this risk is low given the fact that the preliminary experiment. After both tests participants made their choice (similar regulations were proposed by two applicants), the organizers opened the envelope with the correct answers and announced the results. Criteria of successful passing the test: not less than 5 correct answers out of 10. The result Zlata Dmitruk: 0 right answers out of 10 (test not passed). Download link of the rules: the List of discrepancies with the rules and commentary:

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