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Tesla Model X: an overview of amazing cars

Glazura 18.02.2016 at 00:21

Model X was waiting for a long time. The prototype revealed back in early 2012, and ordered the people in the car began 2 years ago. And here's the first thousand cars rolled off the Assembly line. The first buyer from Russia became Alexey, Director of the Tesla Club. He received the 410-th car off the Assembly line. I flew with him to Philadelphia to test the new car.

Two of the most popular question:

how Much is it?

135 000 dollars. After the payment of all excise, taxes and duties in Russia will cost $ 200,000, or 16 million rubles.

how long does the battery?

the Maximum of 450 km But that is under ideal conditions. In fact it turns out from 350 to 400 km.

let us now carefully examine this miracle!

All photos and interesting details, as usual, in the post, but this time I have prepared for you another video review:

Here is the Model X. it is a crossover, although it seems to me, for a crossover it is too small. It is very reminiscent of the BMW GT. Elon Musk in 2012, told me that when you create X the task was to combine the functionality of a minivan, the SUV's style and characteristics of a sports car.

Looks prettier than the Model S, but still nothing special. Is the "Tesla" is not appearance, and technology.

the Machine exists in two versions:

the Model 90D is equipped with two 259-horsepower engine and reaches 100 km/h in 5 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds faster 440-HP Porsche Cayenne GTS SUV.

Version P90D equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 772 horsepower: 259 HP on the front axle and 503 HP in the rear. From a standstill to 100 km/h this model accelerates in 4 seconds, and with additional package Ludicrous Speed Upgrade – in 3.4 seconds. This model is faster than Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 or the McLaren MP4-12C. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km per hour.

the Car is so fast and easy to accelerate so suddenly that slightly tense smile people, emerging from a sudden overload, already nicknamed the "Tesla grin" ("Tesla grin").

we Have just P90D, but without the additional package

Please note on the front. If you remember, S was a black plastic plug in place of the grille. The prototype of the model X was also a stub, but on the production version it was abandoned. In my opinion, a very good decision. The car began to look much more spectacular.

it's Funny that the front is no place for license plate. This moment somehow not thought through. In USA numbers are sure to only hang back, "face" can remain pristine. But "Tesla" and sold in other countries, including in Russia, and we need the front room. In General, I wonder whether there will be one special modification for Europe and Russia with space for rooms.

the Back-it is all provided. But Musk has planned the expansion of electric vehicles )

the Model X is a huge windshield. It extends to the middle of the roof. On the one hand it is beautiful. On the other, expensive to change if the stone will get. Like the glass and put other automakers, for example, Opel or Peugeot.

the Glass while protecting from ultraviolet radiation.

the Most important thing is the doors to gull-wing, which Tesla calls "Falcon wings" (Falcon Wing doors). Their peculiarity is that they have two points of articulation, i.e. two loops, not one (unlike the Gullwing). And the wings of a Falcon climb first up, clinging to the car, and then disclosed to the parties. This allows you to open them in quite narrow spaces.

They open automatically. Landing in the back seat with those doors becomes much easier. You can stand up, don't need to double up to get on the seat. Even with such doors comfortable Seating children in a child safety seat: do not have to bend over, stretching in the machine of gravity on his arms.

on the other hand, there are also disadvantages. First, because the automatic doors, they open slowly, about 5 seconds. That is, to quickly pop out the rear seats will not work as quickly sit. Secondly, in winter, through the fully open door comes out all the heat instantly. Thirdly, in the doorway are the sensors, and if you will stand close to another car, the door will not open. Although they have only 30 inches, but the Parking lot is not always 30 inches. As spectacular toy these doors, of course, will bring joy to its owner, but in practice, I think, confused them a little.

Although the presentation was shown that the Model X can open the door even when she almost clamped cars on both sides.

in addition, it has an ultrasonic sensor, which determines the maximum height, which can be opened the door. This is useful, for example, in the garage.


As with the model S, much attention is paid to detail.

In this specification are 22-inch wheels. In a conventional configuration 20 – inch.

Knob. If you remember, the Model S handles were put forward with the appearance of the owner. There was a lot of complaints: sometimes in the cold they were out, it actually worked. Despite the fact that all the bugs with handles, in the new car Tesla refused from traveling pens. All of the handles she refused. Now this button. That is, you need to click on chrome die – and the door will open. Doors and rear wings, and front door opens automatically now. There may be a problem. If in winter you'll freeze the door, it is possible for the handle pull and the door is still open. The new "Tesla" to pull. So if frozen – so frozen. Second problem: if your car will be under a bias, for example, you'll come to the curb one wheel, the door slightly open, but not burst open. And you will have to pry her fingers open and behind glass, or metal edge. In General, again, beautiful, spectacular, but completely impractical solution.

a few words about the doors. This is clearly seen on the video. Front doors have "Tesla" now open and close automatically. The machine feels when you come up (through time) and opens the door. You sit in a chair, put on the brakes, and the door itself is closed. Cool? Very. But there is a caveat. In the front doors are only "sensors-resistance," that is, the touch sensors of the subject. To the door every time something hurts, are used simultaneously and the rear doors sonar and autopilot vehicle that help to identify interference from the side. Thanks to them the Model X is easily "see", say, the next car, but initially may not see any pin. However, the uniqueness of the doors in the fact that the accuracy of determination of objects and an algorithm for their discovery improves over time. In the "Tesla" they say that after a couple of weeks door "learn" to open up more neatly.

Here is how the sensors of the front doors:

As the Model S, X two trunk — front and back. Back normal, nothing special, but the front became more elongated. It is possible to put the little man! Handy if you have to transport small people in the boot.

by the Way, in the event of an accident the front part of the housing, where, unlike conventional cars, there is no engine with lots of hard parts, easily crushed. The engine will not be squeezed into the cabin, as the engine no. This should save the lives of the driver and passenger.

in General, the Model X is the most secure of all current SUV's.

let's look into the cabin.

the First thing that catches the eye is the seat trim. The rear of all seats are now finished in black glossy plastic. Looks incredibly beautiful. Again, I don't know how it is practical. I think children quickly the feet of this plastic will scratch, and it will look less impressive. Also note that the second-row seats recline, and there's even a third row of two seats! On the third row, however, can accommodate only children. In this photo, the third row seats are folded and form a flat load floor. Even the model has a "cargo" mode, Cargo Mode, which allows one to automatically fold both rear rows of seats and turn the space behind the driver in a giant trunk.

in addition, the Model X is the first electric car capable of towing the trailer! However, you need to order an additional option Tow Package for $750.

the Back was much more comfortable than the Model S. Now there's a high ceiling, and even the head of a big man will not be in anything to rest. In addition, now three full rear seat, not two. Also the rear seats have adjustable recline and can move front to back. Headrests no seat not adjustable.

Again, note how the rear seats are mounted. Right picture is from a fantastic movie. On the floor there are rails on which the seats go back and forth.

Unfortunately, the legs are decorated with plastic, not chromed metal. I think they will quickly scratch the legs.

the rear passengers appeared 2 USB sockets and Cup holders (nominated under the sockets when you press).

If you remember, one of the major drawbacks of the cabin of the Model S was the lack of storage space. In fact, in addition to the glove box in the Model S there was nothing. Now this error corrected. Appeared immediately in front 3 compartments: one for coins and charge (where the wire is), the other is deep where you can put the extra Cup holders, and one under the monitor. Also got pockets in the front doors, they didn't exist before.

the rest of the interior is very similar to the Model S.

the Seat became more comfortable.

the Wheel – exactly the same.

the Quality of trim is perfect. By the way, Musk at the presentation praised the air filter, installed in the Model X. It protects not only from the usual smog, but also against bacteria, viruses and allergens, and compared with conventional cars a level of protection above hundreds of times. The air in this machine as sterile as possible in an urban setting. In Model X there is even a mode "Protection against biological weapons".

unfortunately, the Model S moved in the X and inconvenient door. Please note that the passenger has nothing to hold on to. There is no handle and the armrest is flat, and hand rolled with it. Not in the car and ceiling handles. That is, keep only the driver behind the wheel. All. It's very strange, because Tesla has positioned itself as a sports car, and what to do to passengers, when the driver decided to accelerate from 0 to hundreds in 4 seconds and effectively included in the rotation?

In terms of build quality, if you find fault, you can find small shoals. Not always perfect seal to the door, there are strange gaps in the mirror.

it's Time to refuel... Oh, not there!

the Computer shows the next gas station. We are interested in the red...

When Tesla was developed, it became clear that there is one problem: no infrastructure for electric vehicles, they have nowhere to charge. There is a public charging station, but they are limited and not very powerful. So Tesla decided to make their own infrastructure and now developing a powerful network of charging stations Supercharger with a power of 120 kW. In 40 minutes it fully charges the battery "Tesla" (that is, it is powerful public charges about 16 times). It is planned that you will be in 90 seconds to replace the empty batteries for charged.

Another problem is the production of batteries. The current volume is not sufficient for mass production of "Tesla", and the batteries come out expensive. Tesla plans to build a huge factory Gigafactory, which by 2020 will produce more batteries than are currently produced worldwide. This will reduce the cost of batteries in the "Tesla" by at least 30%.

But can be recharged from the usual outlets.

Now bundled with the car comes the Tesla Universal Mobile Connector (charging cable with adapters). It can have three sockets:

1. The usual household network, then the machine is charging 13A/220V, i.e. power of about 2.8 kW;

2. Single phase blue socket 26A/220V, i.e. 5.7 kW;

3. Three phase red socket, 3 phase and 220V 16A each, for a total capacity of about 11 kW.

If the vehicle is equipped with the optional dual chargers, then from the charging station to charge currents via 26A 3ph and 220V each, for a total capacity of 17 kW.

How to calculate the charging time? When the battery capacity is 85 kWh usable capacity is around 82 kW*h. that is, we take this figure and divide by the power source — get the approximate time. Approximate, because the battery has a non-linear curve charging: initially charge faster, and at the end — slowly. This is due to the peculiarities of the LiOn batteries, and also the fact that in the end there is a balancing of cells.

so, came to the station to charge. Standing next to the Model S. Notice how much better the car looks without the black plugs in place of the grille. As I wrote at the beginning.

For 30 minutes refueled at 210 miles. All elektrozapravki for "Tesla" free.

Now see what is on my computer. It is almost indistinguishable from the Model S. the Browser, music, navigation, calendar, phone and rear view camera.

All control is through the Central monitor.

tweaking the climate.

Navigation via "Google Maps".

the Screen can be divided into two parts and include a rear view camera that is convenient to use instead of mirrors.

the dashboard is also customizable. Here you can display navigation information on the energy consumption, control music and more. All as in the Model S.

the Machine is hung all round with sensors that show a circle of obstacles. Parking sensors are not only accurate to the centimeter shows the distance to obstacles and draws it. Very nice looks.