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Waying 17.02.2016 at 14:50

Community of travellers. Photoreports from different places of the world.

With Thailand all somehow did not develop. For the first time, back in 2008 and bought the tickets to Bangkok, the very next day went down for a month in the hospital. Another attempt to visit the shores of Siam, over the fact that instead of Bangkok, a weekend stuck in Dubai. Well, as the saying goes, God loves a Trinity. And the plane Rostov-on-don to Bangkok, landed safely at Suvarnabhumi airport.

In Bangkok we will come back, but first went to "the den of sin and debauchery" — Sunny Pattaya. From Pattaya it was planned to go to Cambodia, which we eventually did, and to relax on the beaches of the nearby Islands.

the First thing that bothered buying tickets for the upcoming trip, nosing around the street in search of the ticket office) ticket office finally found, in the form of sitting on a plastic chair, Thai at the entrance to the next "seven-eleven".

With a sense of accomplishment went for a walk along the promenade.

Yes, Pattaya for swimming is definitely not safe to walk along the shore, but in water a foot. There were, however, a few brave souls from the local, splashing in the murky waters of a public beach, and sometimes our evening, shouting abusive language at the broke in water heated Hong Tong.

On the famous "Walking street" the first time came in the light of day, so all those werewolves that come out on it after dark, was observed. But even then it was clear that the place is a decent hole, and go there again will dare not everyone.

Swam in middle island LAN.

Here are prettier, but the exotics that are portrayed on postcards, no.

On "monkey beach" slightly tipsy group with a selfie-stick, tried to take a picture jumping in the trees monkeys and veteran Manakin, looked at it all sad eyes.

the next day we left to Cambodia. On his return sailed on Samet.

by Samet nicer, but again, the exotics are still there.

Rented a house not far from the beach.

In the morning took the sun.

In the evenings we walked along the edge of the sea. And here is Exotica.

once again noticed that life on the island, no matter it is located in the Mediterranean sea or in the Gulf of Thailand, flows by its own laws. After a trip to Cambodia, for a relaxing stay on the Island was just what we needed.

In Bangkok went for two reasons, to see the Royal Palace and climb the tallest building.

the Royal Palace is good, if not for one thing. A huge number of tourists.

the Russians say there are one million Chinese. The Chinese claim that a million Russians.

In General, turrets are beautiful, but for a decent types have to knock.

the Royal Palace in a matter of minutes brought to stay at the Baiyoke sky.

the Views it offers gorgeous.

At this mandatory program is over, next time will fly to Phuket.

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