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Moroccan bum-voyage. The days 1st and 2nd.

Waying 18.02.2016 at 23:49

Community of travellers. Photoreports from different places of the world.

A Brief report on the first two days of our journey in the Kingdom of Morocco.

on 8 September. Tuesday.

Express Train with fairly wide seats and well about-about-very narrow doors (just extremely unhealthy narrow) brings us up from the airport Mohammed V at the station Casa-Port.

the modern Station looks promising, just like-if not Africa at all!

no, Africa! Outside everything is as it should be.

each station along the "IBIS". Africa is Africa, and the order should be. And here also the vegetation here is gorgeous!

Immediately gives the impression that lie ahead of us only beauty, amenity and widespread splendor!

I have to Say that in Casablanca, we decided not to linger, because time is short, and you want a lot much. For the evening, and we reached the city around five, it was necessary to fit in with the hotel, pass the parcel and buy a local SIM card for the Internet. That in Casablanca there lives the sister of our friend, we found out purely by chance just a week before departure. "Obajimi, what an amazing coincidence!" or "fucking hell, wherever you spit on the card — the bear is in some of our fall!" — I don't remember what I thought then, but the fact the wording does not change. Anyway, I have to go to the store for buckwheat.

Pictures from Casablanca I have almost no, not until...

Local beauty far from our Guesthouse...

No, of course not the whole city like this, in the center of everything is much more decent, but to walk there in the daylight and pofotkat failed.

so, immediately after we checked, we met with the representative of the Russian Diaspora, and presented the Goodies. Then there was an attempt to make friends of African SIM card with vindobona, which took about an hour and did not lead to anything good, the Internet has not earned. Then sitting in the cafe (by the way, Yes, in shops Morocco alcohol on sale, but in the cafe to drink beer it is possible, though expensive), travel by car through the city — just the time flew by. In the hotel we came back in the second half of the night, that we have sought a very strong penalty.

by the Way, the accommodations we booked only in Casablanca for the first and last nights, so as not to build any fixed schedule movements. Travel around Morocco is the best option for finding a shelter in this country is not particularly difficult.

on 9 September. Wednesday.

after Reading the stories of seasoned travelers that in Casablanca nothing to do, and not Statkevich even amid the Hassan II mosque for reporting, we rushed by train to the capital of Morocco. The drive from Casa to Rabat by train takes about an hour.

by the Way, will leave little references just in case: official website of ONCF — Railways of Morocco. There you can find timetables and fares for Supratours buses (a branch of the same office). There is no English version, only French and Arabic. Separately the Supratours website. And the most popular bus carrier in Morocco is CTM. They are more expensive others, but it seems like more reliable and more comfortable.

Rabat Ville main train station of Rabat.

Leaving the station, get on one of the main avenues of the capital. Look to the left — pretty!

Look right — too beautiful! Yeah, it looks like the capital.

the Parliament of the red banner of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Well, the sign says it all. Beautiful building in my opinion.

on the Contrary, too stilnenko:

the Local features of writing numbers. Alien six straight, and four of the beyond adorable!

the Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter the very African looking.

Contemporary art.

the Gate in front of the mausoleum of Mohammed V. All and Sundry are photographed with the horse guards. The guards don't mind. Horses do not care. By the way, deepening with sand is that horses had to stand on stone slabs. A very important detail!

the Actual mausoleum.

If you look to the fence, you will notice something similar to "Yin-Yang".

the Hassan Tower was closed for repairs.

Local try to use any shade to relax in comfort.

Learn Arabic.

And move towards the Kasbah des Oudayas.

the balcony Admiring the local architecture.

Interesting glazing...

the Balcony a real patriot!

Bab des. "Bab" — actually means "gate".

the City beach of Rabat, combined with a cemetery. The cemetery combined with the garbage. And all this together combined with public toilet. The scent is divine!

In the Kasbah des Oudayas. At the exit to this site are some people and demanding money for passage. It is unclear what a joke. But there is, actually, no one is.

At the back the Fat — is a satellite city of Rabat.

the Hatch. Very small.

the Door. Very blue.

tired of wavering in the heat with backpacks, most of the evening we sat on the second floor of an inexpensive but quite decent cafe with good working wifi, listening to vigorous political debates in Arabic of the TV and watching out the window for life on the streets of the capital of the evening.

Then we had a night crossing to Tangier. The train came, instead of 1:40 to 2:20. They say this is normal. Oh, and also, the train departs not from Rabat, and Casablanca, in Rabat there already full of people sleeping, lying on three seats, bare heels into the passage, so that the place we found with great difficulty.

In General, this was our first full day in Morocco. To be continued...