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Swiss trip. Day 6.2: the Grande Dixence dam and the road home

Waying 19.02.2016 at 09:42

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Today I have the final part of the story of my solo journey through Switzerland, which ended on the South-West of the country near the biggest European dam. This bright and busy trip simply could not end something banal and the last I visited the location again gave me the sea of bright emotions and amazing scenery that I've tasted in absolute solitude, being with one-on-one with a fantastically beautiful nature and the majestic dam.

01. In the last part of the story I stopped at that got to the dam at Grande Dixence and looked at this impressive creation of human hands from the bottom — the foot of the dam. The road led further up and soon I found myself at the destination, reachable by car — Parking near the hotel at the dam.

02. The views from this point was impressive. The distance the valley in which is situated the capital of the region — Sion. From there I came. To the Sion here about two dozen kilometers of mountain road, which is visible in the center of the frame.

03. The dam is the edge of civilization in these places. Here the road ends and immediately behind the dam begins untouched by human intervention nature of incredible beauty.

04. Day then seething life and to the top of the dam can be reached by lift. But I came here by the evening and this place looked lifeless. Only a few groups of tourists wandering around the hotel.

05. During the construction of the dam, this building was the dormitory for the builders, but in Switzerland nothing is lost, after the construction of the building was converted into a hotel.

06. The altitude'm checking with phone altimeter, not forgetting to take away 50 meters of error.

07. The plan of the area with tracks leading to the dam. The green line shows the cable car, which I would have gladly have used if he had arrived a little early. Have to climb on foot to a height of two hundred meters. To the right of the cable car is visible from the serpentine, but the use of them is prohibited due to falling stones have to climb the steep path, which is shown in the diagram to the left of the line of the tramway.

08. Near the property there is a small but very cozy chapel, built in 1930 by workers involved in the construction of the first dam in the area.

09. Beautiful building, with what side do not look.

10. Inside is simple and cozy.

11. The altar with figures of saints.

12. The view from the threshold.

13. The place is Paradise, of course. Concentrate beauty on all sides.

14. At first my path was on relatively flat road.

15. But soon met a sign prohibiting the promotion on pedestrians in connection with falling stones and had to turn on a very steep mountain trail.

16. The climb over the surrounding countryside opens up new prospects, and types become even more expressive.

17. Between the hotel and the chapel helipad. Six months of the year everything is covered with a heavy layer of snow and to get to these places is possible only by helicopter or snowmobile.

18. The height of the wall of the dam is 285 meters, which is slightly less than the height of the Eiffel tower. By this measure, the dam of Grande Dixence is the fourth in the world and first in Europe. The upper dam crest is at an altitude of about 2370 meters.

19. It looks like a path on which to climb. Given yesterday Hiking downhill with Gorgerat, after which I've fallen off my feet, climb to the dam was not easy, but the surrounding beauty makes you forget about fatigue and stiness.

20. It's the middle of August and in the mountains actively numerous wildflowers are blooming, adding color to this harsh Alpine landscape.

21. Half an hour later I reach the crest of the dam and even have time to catch the last rays of the sun, which I in this rainy day did not expect to see.

22. First sight of the dam crest enough to understand how lucky I included this place in its programme of trips.

23. To say that I was very excited seeing this kind — to say nothing. Probably, such was our planet a hundred thousand years ago before the advent of human civilization. The silence around was only broken by the sound of falling water.

24. I stood looking at this scene, unable to look away. I was the only person in this place at the moment and felt like the last person on the planet. As if I was transported in a time machine millions of years ago, at a time when our planet had just formed. About these feelings I have had in this place. Snow-capped mountains, a lake with fantastic color of water, a waterfall, spouting directly from the rock and absolutely no sign of civilization as far as sight — pure delight!

25. Another spring feeding the lake.

26. Equally gorgeous views and on the other side of the dam.

27. I wanted to jump from the crest in a suit or a flying squirrel with a hang glider and fly over this landscape.

28. The only oasis of civilization in these parts.

29. Somewhere in the distance a valley with numerous villages and towns, including Sion.

30. The height of the dam crest minus 50 meters error.

31. The lake Lac des Dix is the largest reservoir in Switzerland. The length of the lake is 5.3 kilometres with a width of 600 meters and a maximum depth of 227 meters. The reservoir holds 400 million cubic meters of water.

32. Oh, go when you would with a sleeping bag and tent up in the mountains, where civilization ends and just around the world of wild nature, stones and water. Somewhere deep inside me sits something primitive, some kind of pull who wakes up in places and calls me to throw off the shackles of civilization and disappear into the wilderness. Back to the roots, so to speak.

took on the dam the final video of this trip:

33. I was going to go down to the car, he suddenly noticed in the rock some holes, similar to the portals to the mine and I was curious.

34. Hence the portals seemed to open and I decided to go up to them and see what kind of hole in the rock.

35. Another view of the dam from another angle.

36. The road to the pristine beauty of nature.

37. Next up is the serpentine, so I will again namyvat the loop, climbing to another height. Looking forward to new and interesting views of the countryside.

38. The color of the water in the lake determined by local Geology. Water passing through the mountains, washes away from the rocks of microjustice rocks, and paint it in this color. In Switzerland each reservoir has its own unique hue.

39. Higher and higher.

40. Another round of streamer.

41. Ended my sixth day in Switzerland, and I'm still not ceased to marvel at the beauty and saturation state all of this never came to pass.

42. My emotions from the surrounding beauty reflected on his face.

43. In this picture, you can see how dropped the water level in the reservoir. I believe that it is far from low, in the autumn, the level drops even lower.

44. Mountain herbs in bloom a variety of colors, noticeably skrashivaya this stone desert.

45. It's amazing how these stones something manages to grow and blossom.

46. And here my goal is strange portals leading inside the mountain.

47. Here I met with the local fauna.

48. Wild animals are an integral part of Swiss mountain regions, but this meeting with them I had my first.


50. The slope of the mountain in this place covered avalanche barriers.

51. On the hillside I notice a house with the closed shutters.

52. Another luxurious look to the collection.

53. Judging by the antenna, there is some sort of weather station or something like that. Probably cool to work in such place and with such species.

54. And here is the inside of the mine portal.

55. Surprisingly, he was open, at the entrance prohibiting only a small icon and everything, no inscriptions, plates and other things.

56. The gates are always open.

57. From the depths of the mine blows cold, and the tunnel hundreds of meters deep into the rock.

58. On the wall remnants of the former electrical insulators.

59. Unfortunately, the flashlight I had with him was deeper than a couple of tens of meters I have not moved. But noted it's a place for themselves in the future.

60. I wonder what its function was this mine? The only thing that comes to mind — there was mined gravel for the construction of the dam.

61. Here diverges a few paths leading further into the mountains. Hiking in the mountains there is a large space for walking.

My time was running out, so a couple more images from this height and it's time to gather in a way back.

62. View of the dam from another angle.

63. The magnitude of the construction is impressive! A year later I was back in these places and I managed to get inside the dam, so she will be devoted to a separate detailed post.

64. The maximum height reached by me during this walk — about 2430 meters.

65. A plaque in memory of the people killed in this place in 1961 as a result of avalanches.

66. Bizarre mountain tops create the illusion of some buildings. I thought I had, not wormed there any Fort or bunker, but no — it just rocks.

67. Then just a couple of shots from a height.




71. In this picture you can clearly see the serpentine road leading to the dam cannot be used. Pay attention to the clouds that begin to form on the rocks.

72. The difference between this and the previous snapshot.

73. And after three minutes the landscape was transformed beyond recognition. The weather in the mountains changes very rapidly.

74. While the whole area around is not delayed by clouds, it's time to descend. For the descent take the shortest path — directly along a steep slope.

75. I soon successfully reach the dam.

76. Inside the buildings are various technical moves, to penetrate into which would be very curious. This I can do a year later.

77. Very strange design with a ladder. Long puzzled about the possible appointment of this design, but nothing came up.

78. For the construction of the dam so concrete, that if it be cast wall height of 1.5 meters and a width of 10 cm, she would have encircled the Earth at the equator.

79. The serpentine road leading to the hotel. Even if he was not dangerous, to go down I would still prefer a short way along the path. Time was running out, and I still had a long way home so we had to hurry.

80. I pass by the familiar chapel.

81. On the way back decided to look inside.

82. At nightfall, in the chapel lit the red light, making the atmosphere even more cozy and warm.

83. The building is absolutely not typical for Switzerland, built from prefabricated segments. Probably listed historic heritage.

84. The bridge connecting the helipad with the eighth floor of the hotel.

85. When I went down to the hotel, it finally got dark and inside the building the lights were lit and the floodlight illuminating the area in front of the hotel.

86. You will notice that the first two floors of the building cast of concrete. Don't know what caused this design. Maybe it is because in the winter the floors are blocked with snow.

87. Among the cars of our guests and there are interesting instances.

88. My iron friend, which during this visit was my only companion and made this trip possible. It is difficult to convey the joy that experienced my body when after this exhausting walk, I finally ended up in a cozy driver's chair!

89. The Navigator offers the way home. As is often the case, the longest path in the distance was the shortest time.

90. Choose the first option route and start back.

91. Fifteen kilometers outside the Windows shows the view by which I simply cannot pass by.

92. The illuminated silhouettes of two deputies Director Sion that in the last days I felt like family.

This was my last picture from Switzerland with this lot. Then I had a 400-kilometer stretch, at a time which I have not mastered. Somewhere half way I left and I moved out to the Parking lot at the autobahn and instantly fell asleep. Having slept only a few hours, I continued on and near Zurich I in his eyes underlined the laser radar. Two weeks from Switzerland sent us a bill for 50 Euro for speeding on the motorway at 6 km/h.

93. When I moved to Germany it was dawn and the sky played dawn colors.

94. Outside the Windows flashed agricultural landscapes of southern Germany — a couple of tens of kilometers and I'm home.

95. At the end of this series of posts, dedicated to my first solitary journey, a bit of results.

96. The trip was very spontaneous and the program I made in just one day. The morning of the day I absolutely knew nothing about Switzerland, and in the evening I had prepared the itinerary and booked hotels. However, this program was so rich, bright and varied that the amount of impressions I could not believe that I traveled only six days. It seemed that I spent in Switzerland at least two weeks.

97. I thought that during these six days alone bored for the fellowship and society of persons, but nothing happened. I never once in the whole trip did not experience boredom or sadness, rather the contrary felt the taste of traveling alone and the freedom, when you don't need to adjust ourselves to anyone and you can change programs on the go. Traveling to cities is better in the company of people, travelling in the mountains is beautiful alone, that I realized during this trip. My most vivid emotions and impressions of the places visited in this tour were so bright, not least due to the fact that I perceived them alone through the prism of my imagination and romanticism. People, even loved ones, but seeing the world from a slightly different angle, could interfere with the purity of perception and impression would have been different. In General, I am a taste of solitary travel in the future repeatedly to go on a journey alone.

98. When home the last kilometer, over the horizon appeared the first rays of the rising sun.

once home, I immediately fell in bed. I slept for five hours, I jumped in the car and went on a new journey through Eastern Europe. The next few days I waited no less rich adventures in the Czech Republic and Poland in the company of friends. I'll tell you about it.

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