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What is going on in Kiev February 20

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In the capital, levied additional forces of the interior Ministry, the radicals are saying about the new ATO

Dmitry voyko 14:01, 18 February 2016

on 20 February in Kiev will host a "rehearsal" of the Maidan-3. On Saturday in the capital promise to come and set up tents the activists of right-wing organizations from all over Ukraine. The country understood that it will be at the rally and what he can bring.

1. Who organizes a protest?

Action satisfied the activists of right-wing organizations and representatives of volunteer battalions. Declared officially will be present: C14, "Revenge", "Black Committee" of the OUN and members of other dobrobytu.

2. What are the demands of activists?

On their pages in social networks the radicals call "Gurtovoi" and announce on Saturday the authorities an ultimatum demanding the release of all the arrested volunteers across the country, to justify those who are criminally prosecuted and replace the government with the leadership of law enforcement agencies.

3. How many people will come to share?

"is Expected on Saturday during the March, dobrobytu will attempt to put up tents on the Maidan or near the Verkhovna Rada in Mariinsky Park. Today in Kyiv city state administration submitted a lot of requests from commanders dobrobytu to hold shares, numbering up to 100 thousand people", - said the interior Ministry on condition of anonymity. However, he added that in reality the participants will likely be in times or even tens times less.

According to our source in the KSCA, only radical battalion of the OUN under the leadership of Nikolay Kohanivsky 12 February submitted an application to Yerevan municipality on 20 February, the participants the release of political prisoners Poroshenko meet at 9.30 am near the Stella Independence, then will be on Grushevskogo and Bankova March. Kochanowski announces host to 10,000 people a reserve of hundreds of OUN.

4 .Why 20 February?

Because February 20 is the anniversary of the execution of Heavenly one hundred. On this day in Kiev will be a lot of stock, so activists will be able to collect as many people as possible.

5. As far as everything goes peacefully?

the official organizers of the rally claim that he did not prepare any provocations, and just want an open dialogue with the authorities. However, in comments in social networks activists with fictitious names write: "the Molotov cocktails was over – now we will appeal the case "heavier".

6. As stated at the rally authorities react?

according to one of dobrovicova, the head of the organization C14, Eugene Karas on his page in Facebook, now the authorities are preparing for military methods development Saturday events. Karas informs, that in Kiev pulled armored vehicles, equipped with rams for the possible demolition of the barricades. According to activists, on the basis of "Prolisok" near Kiev also placed the national guard soldiers and units of the public security police (former "Berkut").

According to our sources in the interior Ministry, the regions hosted a team from Kiev to direct the forces of public security in the capital, and they have already arrived as of Thursday. Also in Kiev by the weekend, levied additional forces of the national guard. On the basis of NSU in Novi Petrivtsi near Kiev are in readiness to prevent Spartan and Cougars. The military also prepared funnel on the chassis of armored KrAZ trucks for the detainees likely. Police transferred to the strengthened option of service.

the interior Ministry on condition of anonymity also confirmed to us that they are preparing for Saturday because of possible provocations, like the one that occurred on August 31, under BP, when an employee of a battalion "Sich" Igor Gumenyuk threw into the crowd of national guardsmen grenade. Four security officers were killed, more than 100 people were injured. To prevent such events the city will be patrolled by reinforced police squads and the military NSU. Vosstaniya on Saturday will be strenuously protected.