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Syria without war. Part 2. Damascus.

Waying 21.02.2016 at 19:14

Community of travellers. Photoreports from different places of the world.

10 years ago Damascus was a safe city, and Syria is dear country. Very lucky for those travelers who had to go there in the times of totalitarian stagnation.

We passed Egypt, Jordan. Positio the Syrian city of Bosra.

Bosra to Damascus 140km, the bus costs £ 50 (1$).

20 fevralya 2006 we arrived in the Capital of Syria.

Ran to the Embassy with a request to provide housing sootechestvennik journalists. There we were sent to Russian cultural center, and there we sold a thick guide to Syria for$ 10. Went to look for a hotel. After dozens of trash we found a decent hotel Afamia for the same money ($30 for 2-bed room).The next day we did not get out of the room – was preparing an article to the World News and tourist.PY, which we shamelessly put out with the publication. I have a very very buggy photoshop.

on Wednesday 22 February 2006 we went to look at Damascus.

it Turned out that our hotel is a stone throw from the old town.

the House of clay? How old are they?

Huge markets, old neighbourhoods, narrow streets, mosques, churches (met Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Armenian and a few not identified).

the Main thing – found photoshop for 1 dollar : ). The same is the freshly-squeezed juice and the entrance to the main attraction – the Mosque of Umayyad.

it Seems, this wagon drove himself Mohammed.

the courtyard of the mosque

on the Inside are only allowed barefoot.

In the house with green Windows, on a Muslim version, lies the head of John the Baptist, whom they call the Baptist, of course.

Arabic John — Yahya. Revered as a prophet.

According to the French "ad" will be AP, but as it stands for is not found.

Christians hang on crosses cars and birds

I guess now we can say — that was bombed by the terrorists, in Syria always had many destroyed houses.

Plain dealer

Christianity and Islam coexists (voval..) in the world and peace

Old everywhere

Unisk commercial shop, residential house top

does Anyone know what kind of car is this?

the Syrians are friendly. Perhaps the Muslim right, Christian left, and the girl in the center in parallel

Modern art

Era mixed

Syrian geometry

Gate in the old city

while time was some history with Denmark. In my opinion, with respect to the prophets, only unhealthy religious feelings could lead to such a label.

Everywhere sell freshly squeezed juice and it costs one dollar.

all local eatery iron cookware.

But more often entirely without cost plates.


not a lot of Monuments.

the Old city

This is even before the civil war.

I love such buildings.

the center of Damascus dostoprimechatel just because he is not dostoprimechatel. Domestic Syrian culture leaves much to be desired.

Here buses are called Pullmans

Normal East bus station.

We're going to the city of Palmyra (Tadmor). Now, they say, bombed. Do not forget to see what he looked like thousands of years before.

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