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Manage launch vehicle: rocket technology through the eyes of mathematics

Video 22.02.2016 at 15:30


That allows simple at first glance, construction of two tanks and the engine to come alive and accomplish his task? How to optimally use the resources of the rockets? What are you working on mathematics and what is the charm of mathematical modeling? What problem are first encountered during the testing of missiles R-5 and that killed the second Falcon-1? And how do pink flamingos for the space program "Energy-Buran"? At the first lecture of the new year we talk about launch vehicles, and about control their flight, and look more closely at the role of mathematicians in this case. In the course of the story the lecturer will build a simple mathematical model of the rocket, and its example will describe the main difficulties of rocket flight, and how those issues remain relevant to this day and will outline their solutions. The purely computational aspects of the work remain behind the scenes (after the lecture if desired they can be out of there). Lecturer – Alexey Mazur, graduate student of faculty of applied mathematics and control processes (PM-PU) St. Petersburg state University.

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