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Seventeen moments of Autumn

Waying 23.02.2016 at 16:17

Community of travellers. Photoreports from different places of the world.

We see her every year. One day of romantic feelings once a year. A little, you might think. Too windy, you might think. I don't agree with you. There are women who are better to meet once a year. So their love stronger. At a distance and through time. And the anticipation of the meeting on the background of a long separation makes the heart beat faster and feel sharper. She broke down first and sent me a letter. Calling for a visit. And I, in obedience to her call, she went to her. And at the same time took a friend with them long time ago promised to introduce.

And everything was in place. She was still glaring. And if changed, they became only more beautiful. Unlike me. Me every time a bit awkward: what to do old grumpy next to such a beauty?

We met on the border of her Kingdom. I stopped the car and all came out to greet me.

– Meet, friends, Autumn. – I in mock reverence bowed to the mistress.

– Hey! said Autumn. – Oh, and welcome, of course!

No. 1 Guardian of the forest, seeing the guests accompanied the lady, immediately freed the way for us.

And we came into her possession. And even had repeatedly visited them, I was enveloped by a wave of grandeur to which it is simply impossible to get used to. For a while we walked in silence.

No. 2 Citizens, met us on the road, give way to graceful bows.

No. 3

Well, do you like it? – asked the landlady.

– Very! replied all in unison.

Well, alrighty then! You while exploring, and I will walk posekretnichat with this gloomy unshaven young men.

No. 4

And we went off the road on some narrow trail. I looked around, the silhouettes of friends was drowning in a Golden haze.

– don't worry! Anything with them will not. I don't need you.

– Is a fact. – I agree. – I can not understand what you can be with me secrets?

– Stop trying to find fault with the words, just wanted to be alone. If you don't understand.

As I understand it, to be honest. It's just my feature of such a stupid unnecessary questions to ask.

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

– How was your year? she asked.

is Normally passed. It is a pity, as always fast.

– Even miss not done?

– what! Waiting to meet you – the only thing that somehow inhibits a series of fleeting days. An acute sense of boredom, you know, slowing down time.

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

– And when are you going to obsolete the habit so eloquently Express your thoughts? Tell me, where were that saw. Someone you you look while I'm there? – She coyly winked.

– There is an opinion that it is perverse to tell some women about others. – I try to laugh it off. I'm afraid she will be jealous.

– And you ignore that view. In the end I'm not like everyone else. I'm not jealous.

– Well, if you say so...

And I begin to talk about Africa, the wild savage that takes you in the mix from the first seconds. Kisses eagerly, hugging tightly. With her simple, easy. And it would seem – here it, my ideal. But later I understand that exhausted, and my strength not enough to match the stormy temperament of black beauties. Which is a pity! Eh, I have to throw twenty years, could be defeated would be all in favor of the Panthers. But only where them to throw? Who needs them?

No. 11

No. 12

Autumn knowingly smiles.

is Great, "she says," but you've long dreamed to meet her. Tell me more about someone!

– You like to hear about the rivals? – I'm being sarcastic.

the Fool, — she laughs. – I have no rivals. I just like the sound of your voice. Don't make a lady beg. Tell me, not Tom.

And I began to talk about the Dominican Republic. I met her by accident. Never thought I would be interested in such a careless person. But the languid atmosphere of a tropical evening and a bottle of mamajuana made me pay attention to this passionate Latin number. She was dancing with someone merengue, and looking at her rhythmic plasticity, I realized that in love again. To recapture it was easy. To stay with her is impossible.

Is for some reason impossible? – surprised by the Fall.

– What can such a cheerful melancholic beauty like this in the long run? Dancing and alcohol are not my Forte. You should know better. I was in my youth I didn't like...

– ...And old will love! she laughed.

it seemed to Me that she is pleased that I have nothing serious went wrong there. However, I, of course, just humouring myself. Flattering for the male ego. Why would she be happy?

No. 13

No. 14

To translate the theme, I again asked her to pose for me. All beautiful women love to be photographed. Even if they are the Queen. She, of course, did not refuse. And again I drowned in it, as this is not the first case.

No. 15

Then came the evening. Separation, you know, the most unpleasant part of the meeting. Especially when part of the year. I silently embraced her and walked away. This time not finding the strength to turn around.

No. 16

I knew I was once again pulled long days of waiting, and only the memory will let me see her and talk to her. Memory and photo cards. Seventeen pieces. Seventeen happy moments.

No. 17

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