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Route of the day. The Tyumen region. Part 2

Waying 23.02.2016 at 21:02

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In this part of Tobolsk, founded in 1587 as the center of the development of Siberia and the main decoration of the Tobolsk Kremlin.

Photo 2. Upon arrival things quickly and leave car at the hotel and a walk:

Photo 3. Come across a very cool at home:

Photo 4.

Photo 5. First go to the observation deck at the walls of the House Governor of the Kremlin, which offers stunning views of the foothill part of Tobolsk:

Photo 6.

Photo 7. Ice crossing the Irtysh river:

Photo 8. The canonical view of the Kremlin:

Photo 9. The rotunda on the high Bank of the Irtysh river:

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

Photo 13. Going round the Kremlin in a circle back to the observation deck to try to retake the image of a classic:

Photo 14. The temple of Archangel Michael, founded in 1745 instead of the wooden Church located on this place:


Photo 16.

Photo 17. East tower and the building where before the revolution, is located the Episcopal stables:

Photo 18. The beautiful St. Sophia-assumption Cathedral — was built on the model of the assumption Cathedral of Moscow. Consecrated in October, 1683:

Photo 19. A fragment of the iconostasis of St. Sophia Cathedral:

Photo 20. Sibiryak:

Photo 21. Part Pragskogo (St. Sophia) ramp — paved road, squeezed from two sides by brick retaining walls. The cobblestones are very slippery, climb or descend without holding the railing is not possible:

Photo 22. Goes into a wooden staircase with 198 steps descending to the lower town:

Photo 23. In the "Lower town" has preserved a lot of historical knowledge:

Photo 24. Administration traditionally cut off one of the most beautiful houses:

Photo 25. Visited the memorial study of Emperor Nicholas II, who along with his family arrived in Tobolsk on August 6, 1917 and is located in the Governors house. Today in this house the exposition dedicated to the Tobolsk period of exile of the Romanov family:

Photo 26. The owner of the Russian land:

Photo 27. Unfortunately many old buildings of the "Lower city" are here in this state:

Photo 28.

Photo 29.

Photo 30. In the evening climbed a neighboring hill which offers good views of the Kremlin, in the hope of a beautiful sunset:

Photo 31.

Photo 32. While waiting, had a good time shooting the "low city":

Photo 33.

Photo 34. The block buildings at the foot of the monastery:

Photo 35.

Photo 36. The sunset was not included, had to settle for lighting:

Photo 37.

Photo 38.

Photo 39. While filmed rather cold, time to get back to the hotel:

to be Continued...

the Route of the day. Tyumen region