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We special? Or just primates?

Video 23.02.2016 at 15:55


Is it Possible from the standpoint of genetics and neurobiology to explain what makes us human? Have in us something special? Maybe our mental model? Or the capacity for empathy and quest for justice or, on the contrary, aggressiveness and ability to kill their own kind?

Robert Sapolsky tells what we are like with other animals, and what is unique. Robert Sapolsky — and a neuroscientist and primatologist, a Professor at Stanford University, researcher of the Institute of Primatology at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi. In 2007 he won the prestigious John P. McGovern from the American Association for the advancement of science. In 2008 she received Memorial Carl Sagan award for science popularization. In 2010 for outstanding achievement elected an honorary member of the Foundation Board of the freedom from religion.