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Philippines: Puerto-Princesa

Waying 25.02.2016 at 16:52

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Flight back to Manila was at 8am, so last night I had to spend in the city so romantic with the beautiful name Puerto Princesa. In reality this is the usual dull city, is that there is no congestion, because the city is very small.

All as usual.

random motion.

t-Shirts for 5 pesos.

"I Love Puerto Princesa and not parked like a dick" — it's not about local.

Could be a beautiful city, it stands on a narrow promontory in the picturesque Bay.

Here is how could look.

But alas.

the Central square.

But the gates already crumbling.


statue Even all rusty and stands on a crumbling pedestal.


On the promenade is an abundance of all sorts of fish and lobster.

in General in the Philippines seafood very little, although it would seem that there is sea everywhere. The main dish everywhere — chicken, pork in a pinch. Lobsters, crabs, and shrimp here seem to only eat tourists.

the graffiti Contest.

a Shop selling firearms.

the computer Store "bunch of wankers".

the Local version of multicab.

It was the last city in the Philippines, then another day in Manila, and we went straight to Taiwan. Was enough for me.

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