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Glossy bags: a fashionable flash of 2016

Blog shop handbags 24.02.2016 at 18:48

In your blog you will learn about the latest from the world of fashion and how to save money on buying handbags in our store.

Shining glossy bags today, certainly in the trend. They have already surpassed the popularity of even more traditional models of matte leather material. With this gorgeous accessory blends nubuck, textile fabric, suede. A good option is the use patent leather in a sober and elegant images will be set evening, where the product is a bright red color is original accent long black dress or cocktail cascade model wine shades.

In the first case there will be some dramatic Gothic silhouette, especially if it is supplemented with corresponding decorations angular geometry. In the second – formed expressive and quite delicate outfit. In a more elegant and understated version small evening patent leather clutch beige tones can be diluted ensemble of dresses with bare shoulders, an olive jacket and shoes-boats on the high course.

In the kit, completed a stylish and bright accent, there should be things velvet, lace, lurex fabrics with a large eye-catching appliques and other architectural frills. Otherwise the image will be too unbalanced and overloaded. Patent leather handbag perfectly combined with satin or silk dress for evening wear, knitwear, denim, cotton and wool for everyday wear. Compliance with these rules stylistic compatibility will allow you to create a bright and elegant way.

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