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The Movie "Prophetic Oleg. Found story". Lies about Vikings

Video 27.02.2016 at 04:22


Continued skepticism-a folk-history of the film Mikhail Zadornov. Consider the errors and lies of the author of the film about the origin of Prince Oleg and Vikings.

Materials: the Tale of bygone years Russian heroic epic. Vseslavovich The Volh (The Volga Svyatoslavovich). V. Y. Propp Olga/Oleg Prophetic. Etymology named after the first Russian Prince. E. A. Melnikova the Names of Varangian ambassadors in the "Tale of bygone years" A. V. Zimmerling Litvina A. F., Uspenskii F. B. select the name of the Russian princes in X–XVI centuries: Dynastic history through the prism of anthroponimics. "Urman". Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian language by V. dal (1882) the Viking Era. Chronology "Prophetic Oleg" by Mikhail Zadornov - two hours of lies and obscurantism (review in 3 parts)

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