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A brief overview of SALUS iT600

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting 28.02.2016 at 21:00

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting

Today we try to understand, in what still advantage of a new line of climate automation from Salus Controls.

the official SALUS iT600 series, went on sale in early 2015, but sales in Russia started in mid-2014 and we can already say that this automation has its fans.

let's Start with the fact that back in 2013 from Salus Controls, brought to market a completely new product wifi Internet thermostat SALUS iT500, which still is the sales leader in Russia. Compared to their similar competitors in roughly the same price range and even slightly cheaper SALUS iT500 became the leader.

the Main advantage of the SALUS iT500 was it simple to install and configure, since all components of the system have a wireless connection between themselves and the thermostat can control two independent areas of control. To manage the SALUS iT500 as easy how to install and configure, the mobile app for smartphones is very simple and intuitive, without unnecessary settings. As buyers SALUS iT500, it is safe to say that more is needed, but there were also other issues, such as how to control more zones or whether additional thermostat to control one zone, in short, consumers have the question, how to increase the chances of the thermostat and upgrade your climate system. All of these proposals and wishes of consumers were referred to the official representative of Salus Controls UK, that was given the answer that the possibility of upgrading the SALUS iT500 will not be going to be improved only the software and some hardware. After this statement, after 6 months we received a presentation of a new series of automation SALUS iT600, and after 3 months, the first test samples.

So what is the advantage of the SALUS iT600!? In this series, the manufacturer took into account all the wishes of consumers and installation companies and even went further. SALUS iT600 fully developed on a new platform doesn't look all that previously, the manufacturer produced on the automation market. In the future, the development of products from Salus Controls will be based on the same new platform, which is now used in SALUS iT600 and the proof of this is the release of a new line of wired automation SALUS NSB.

SALUS iT600 is available in two solutions, it is a wired system and a wireless system to a modern digital standard for home automation ZigBee. By wire system all about is clear, it is recommended to count on the design stage of engineering systems for your property, but we certainly try to make a budget when building, considering that the automation of engineering systems can be transferred to the last stage, and here comes to the aid of the wireless system. Of course, a wireless system get more, but not as much as the laying of communication cables for automation, many people think that way. But the benefits of a wireless system SALUS iT600 much more and they cut cost! About wireless standard ZigBee automation, here I will not tell, if you are interested in information on the Internet very much, the main advantage of the system, the high density of wireless devices at a single facility operated by one controller. This ability gives the user to assemble the automation system via any scheme and does not receive the attachment to the main project of engineering systems. Even if the installation of utilities you left out some of the details of engineering systems, the iT600 SALUS will come to the rescue in any situation, without affecting the modernization of the main engineering communications.

is Also becoming popular in our country automation of system of heating in apartment houses irrespective of the circuit connections of the heating in your home, whether vertical risers for heating or individual heating units for your apartment. We all know that with the coming of warm days, utilities are in no hurry to lower the temperature of the heat carrier in the heating system and we only need to open the Windows for constant ventilation, which creates a draft in the apartment and you can catch a cold quickly. It turns out that we regulate a comfortable temperature in the apartment by opening the Windows, now SALUS iT600 solves this problem in two accounts, the only one on your radiators should stand in a thermostatic valve or a valve built into the pipe in front of the radiator. We can install a wireless thermostat with Wi-Fi on the servo valve of the radiator, to set the optimum temperature and forget about the drafts in my apartment, and you can even program the thermostat at a comfortable reduced day and night temperature. The modern buildings are already installing individual metering of heat energy consumption, and automation system will provide additional savings on utilities.

So the advantages of this system is not small! And of course for lovers of modern gadgets, it is possible to control the system via the Internet, you need to install on your system Internet gateway SALUS iT600 G30 and manage your thermostat and see the temperature in your premises in real time. The Internet gateway comes with a free license to manage 10 thermostats, you can further purchase an additional license and bring the office up to 30 thermostats. Can be controlled from any browser over the Internet or via app on your smartphone, by the way, the app is already available for download in the store for your OS and try the demo mode! A cloud service which is used to control the system via the Internet completely free, all costs are already designed by the manufacturer in the price of the equipment!

Some craftsmen are already using SALUS iT600 not only for climate control in the house, somebody plugs in a lawn watering system, someone landscape lighting, by the way, the program can be set to switch on and off.

In the future, the manufacturer plans to release other wireless devices, ZigBee, such as managed network sockets, a separate actuating device, i.e. enables the organization of a smart home.

of Course, there were some disturbances on setting up and connecting additional devices with reference to the unclear instruction. Tell you what, the instruction is better read from beginning to end, if you read the excerpts, even I was not able to immediately register and configure devices in the system.

What attracted the new line of automatics SALUS iT600:

the First is of course its adaptation under any scheme of the climate system, and wireless configuration, you can perform generally any task for automation.

the Second is the new design of thermostats! Touch-sensitive keys have good tactility. Large LCD display displays all necessary information on the work and has a nice cool white light. The case is assembled efficiently and has a glossy faceplate.

third, is of course the transition from Salus Controls on modern digital wireless standard ZigBee, which provides ample opportunities for further development of the automation system. By the way, you can use the SALUS iT600 RE10RF repeaters(radio repeaters), if some device goes out of range of the system.

There are certainly a number of benefits to list them all here I won't. So now the choice is only one, if we plan in the future to expand your home automation system, then definitely SALUS iT600, if it is sufficient to monitor at one point and in the future we do not plan to upgrade the system, the SALUS iT500 this goal will be accomplished!

I Hope that in General terms you have understood the advantages of this system.

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