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Yogurt cake recipe with photos step by step in the oven

GG-24 09.03.2016 at 08:40

The Art of being a woman it's not just empty words for them is difficult bumpy road of self-improvement, learning most of yourself, we want to try a little easier for you this way tips, knowledge, information about all the intricacies of being women.

Today I will share with you my favorite recipe for easy homemade cake on kefir. Such as a fermented milk product kefir is a favorite beverage of many people. They say that kefir is a medicine that rejuvenates and helps against aging.

Prepare pie yogurt with jam:

— Pour jam into a container, add the baking soda and the resulting mixture mix thoroughly.

— In a separate container will try to whisk the eggs and sugar. Then pour in yogurt, add vanilla sugar. Slowly add flour and thoroughly mix.

— In the dough add jam with soda, mix into a homogeneous mass.

— grease the pan with oil. Pour the finished batter into the pan, distributing the batter across the surface.

— Baked pie on the yogurt with the jam in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees Celsius for 25-35 minutes

— Finished pie on the yogurt with jam, you can decorate with powdered sugar.

Nice tea-party you my dear!!!

ingredients (10 servings).

Yogurt — 1 C.

Jam — 1 C.

Eggs — 2 PCs.

Flour — 2 tbsp.

Sugar — 0.5 St-on.

Soda — 1 tbsp

Vanilla sugar.

powdered Sugar.

the Vegetable oil.

the Pie on the kefir c jam video recipe.

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