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Night Budapest

Waying 21.03.2016 at 09:53

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Like any city, Budapest at night the lighting changes. For me always a very important item on the agenda to see the city at night. Because even ugly in the daytime the city in the evening becomes more interesting (of course, if he's not missing it's the lighting), and if the city is beautiful during the day, then at night it turns into something fabulous.

the"Icing on the cake" among the attractions of Budapest is the Hungarian Parliament building, it's a start, also will share a great free viewing platform and not only..

When you first see the Hungarian Parliament, it is impossible to look away, he's insanely beautiful! There are similarities with the Palace of Westminster, but I think the Hungarian Parliament, far more impressive looks. It is located on the East Bank of the Danube, between the two first permanent bridge in Budapest — chain bridge and Margaret bridge.


the Appearance of this magnificent building was conceived immediately after the unification of the cities Buda and pest in 1873. The construction was carried out in 1885 1904gg., the architect was Imre Steindl. The building is made in neo-Gothic style, has a length of 265m., the width of 118m. and the height of the Central dome is 96M. It is interesting that during socialism the spire of the building was crowned with a red star, like the towers of the Moscow Kremlin.


what do you think is the bright point in the sky? Stars? But no, it's birds) They are circling over the Parliament building, when the lights are on.


the main entrance to the Parliament.


the Parliament Building is the largest in all of Hungary, is home to 691 premises, 29 staircases and 10 yards.


Some of these halls you can see with your own eyes, the Parliament is open to tourists, it offers regular tours, including and in Russian (on weekdays and Saturday at 15:15, Sunday at 12:30). The ticket price for an adult is 4000 HUF (about 1000 rubles.).


In the Budapest bridges over the Danube river, to be exact 9 of them, connecting the two city parts, Buda and pest, between them. We have all heard the famous Szechenyi chain bridge, personally I liked another bridge, namely the Bridge of Freedom in the area of gellért hill.


he Has a very nice greenish color, even so it turned out that I accidentally disguised himself as him:))


the Views from the Liberty bridge on the Danube river, Elizabeth bridge, Buda castle.



the Bridge was built in two years and was opened on 4 October 1896. in celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Hungary gained statehood. Was originally called "the Bridge on the square Vamhaz", then was called "bridge Custom", the building which stood on the pest embankment, later the bridge was renamed the bridge of Franz Joseph, who inaugurated it. Like all the bridges of Budapest over the Danube, the Liberty Bridge was destroyed on 16 January 1945. during the retreat of German troops. But he was the first of the bridges reconstructed after the war. August 20, 1946. it was opened under the new name "Bridge of Freedom". At the top, you can see birds with open wings on a gold-plated balls is truly, birds from Hungarian mythology.


a Stroll along the Liberty bridge, you get directly to the gellért hotel, famous for its thermal baths. In fact, along with the széchenyi thermal baths is the most famous baths of Budapest. I've been in those, and in others. I can say that although Gellert and less, but impressed me more. They are also super-touristic, but not created such a sense of public baths with passing crowds of people through them, as in the széchenyi thermal bath, the decor of the rooms at the Gellert baths more interesting, and the outdoor pool has an interesting "trick" — wave, very unusual!



is Impressive and the building itself, it was built in the early twentieth century. art Nouveau, it is itself an individual landmark, which is definitely worth seeing.



the Way we lie on the top of the gellért hill, which offers probably one of the best views in Budapest. I recommend to go up there tonight! But be sooooo neat, the way lies through dark woods, to go not long, the height of the mountain 235m., there are paved roads, fitted with steps, but really scary, although tourists climbing the mountain and descending down, a lot of nerves to tickle will. Preferably go to a big company and in the company of guys. Well, either then already a better day:). Sunrise on the mountain should start with the hotel Gellert.

Its name the mountain has received in the memory of the spiritual mentor of king Stephen, and the papal envoy, Bishop Gellert. His mission was to spread Christianity among the Hungarians. Do not share the view his king of the Hungarians-pagans threw the Bishop out of the mountains into the Danube, imprisoning him in a barrel with nails hammered inside. In the photo you can see the monument of king Stephen, which is located at the entrance to the Church, located right in the cave. During the Communist regime the entrance to the cave was walled up, but now anyone can visit the Church. On one of the slopes of the mountain is the monument to St. Gellert.


From the bridge of Freedom it's hard to take your eyes off, he's attractive from any angle.


During the ascent you need to follow the guide in the form of the Freedom Monument, visible from almost anywhere in Budapest, he beckoned us to him all the days of your stay in the city. And, as it turned out, not in vain.


"Liberation Monument", was originally known as the monument was erected in 1947. in honor of the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis. Next to him was also a bronze monument to the Soviet soldier, the red star and the list of 164 names of soldiers who died liberating Budapest. But soon after the war, Hungary started to "erase" all traces of communism, removing including a statue of a soldier, red star, and a list of names of the dead...And the monument was renamed "Freedom Monument". Freedom was portrayed by the author as a woman with a palm branch. Its height is 14m., and together with the pedestal — 40m.!



and here is the main thing, why we climbed up here! Magnificent views of Budapest, just breathtaking. Of course, no photo that does not transmit the whole picture you need to see with your own eyes.



the erzsébet Bridge and the Parish Church of the inner city.


the Ferris Wheel and St. Stephen's Basilica.


the Central market of Budapest.


Buda Castle and Szechenyi chain bridge.


This is a very romantic place, and I want to cuddle with your loved one, look at all this beauty and just stay silent, enjoying the moment..


Budapest has its own Fashion street, where a few old, renovated houses is surrounded by shops of famous brands. Such as Sisley, United Colors of Beneton, Mexx, Hugo Boss, Just Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, Furla, etc.


here is Also seen the equally famous hotel Kempinski.


this street Is located near Piazza F. Deak address: Deák Ferenc utca 15.



One of the many lovely churches of Budapest.


the window — is generally a separate issue, I feel, will soon begin to gather a collection of unusual storefronts in different cities.


the Stucco can be seen on many homes of Budapest. Looks luxurious.


the Cinema "Pushkin" at the address: Kossuth Lajos u. 18.


At the end of the post is to show the building of the Great Synagogue. No wonder it has the same name, this is the biggest synagogue in Europe! Is located at the address: Dohány u. 2.


it was Built in 1854—1859gg. by the Viennese architect Ludwig förster, who created a synagogue in Vienna. The Jewish community was not entirely satisfied with the work of Foerster and drew him to the aid of local architects Pridesa of Tesla and Joseph, Hilda. The building is designed for 3,000 worshipers. The indoor area is 1200 square meters, height of towers — 44m. The consecration of the synagogue took place on 6 September 1859. Interesting fact that even before the beginning of construction volunteers were able to buy seats in the synagogue and the owners could use them. They could be sold and even mortgaged as collateral, so high was their value in the Jewish community.


the Synagogue is open for tourists, the cost of entry for adult — 3700 HUF (about 900rub.), too expensive, we go. But this price also includes a visit to the Museum of life and Jewish cemetery.


Walk through the cities day and night! In any city there are many interesting and beautiful places.

Before you say that there is nothing good and the city is boring, just think: there may be little you were looking for, went a little, not feeling? What I imagined about Budapest before the trip (almost nothing), and how I came to know him during it are two different things. It really is the city that deserve attention and in my species is definitely not "one day".

there are a lot of posts about the various parts of Budapest. It will be interesting!)

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