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Three reasons why the wardrobe had to be a crossbody bag.

Blog shop handbags 21.03.2016 at 13:02

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Shoulder Bag has occupied a firm place in the wardrobe of the modern woman. And this is understandable: it is difficult to find a more functional and at the same time stylish accessory. The main advantage of shoulder bag is that when wearing it, the woman's hands remain free. There are at least three reasons why a woman's outfit should be the shoulder bag.

the Daily crush in a public transport whether it be bus, tram or metro can deprive charm even the most charming woman. Every day on my way to work and home, we are faced with irritation, anger and other negative emotions that one step closer to doing unnecessary wrinkles and loss of mental equilibrium. Endure the stress easier keeping all my things, folding them into a bag worn over the shoulder. Hands in this case will be free, and it is possible to concentrate on how quickly and less painful way through the crowd in the right direction. Roomy bag with pockets would be the most appropriate accessory in the daily movement around the city.

a Free and unoccupied hands and need a woman to hold a glass of champagne at a party or at the bar. But here the question may arise: "why not, for example, in one hand to hold the glass, and the other clutch or little evening purse?". Of course, you can, but do not forget to have already become automatic the need to hold in your hand a mobile phone to periodically look into the Internet page and social networks. Or, if palm don't have a mobile phone, then this place may be occupied by the hand of a beautiful companion.

the shoulder Bag is simply irreplaceable for young mothers. After all, incredibly difficult to hold in one hand baby in the other purse. Large bag with long shoulder strap will help super-mom is easy to deal with it, while holding the baby.

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