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Ukraine: Future shock

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 21.03.2016 at 10:07

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Ukraine has made a heroic leap from poverty to poverty. But now the Ukrainians are convinced — now they will be able to work in the EU, they will have to pay a lot, they are not slaves, the whole world will be to help them, and in General, they are "against the thieves" beat, and now "all is fair". Let's see how and what will actually unvarnished and horror stories. Only still ... scary.

"we will Now be able to work in Europe"

Those who were previously in demand — have not experienced this problem before. Never.

Those who were not became less competitive in the labour market. The capacity of the market, apparently, does not increased — she can now only decline, because the most tasty places (heavy industry, army, large gosy) lose a lot of money and reduce staff. This is the job, which really had something to develop, to do large and complex projects and to grow in professional level.

Jobs outsourcing same a priori easier — only need to set a low price tag, "coding for a foreign owner for a pittance". Professional growth in single orders does not occur, payment there is relevant. In General professional and financial impasse; that would not have wrote over the years francasie, they do it only because can not compete for higher paying and challenging jobs. Writing about what freelancing "from the sense of freedom," confusion of freedom with ability to work in a team, to do large projects, to observe working schedule, plan and manage at least a one, let alone more complex hierarchical tasks. A pleasure to read about the "Now live", who in General no one bothered to do this before. What has changed, besides that the country reduced the number of expensive jobs? Hong Kong did not come out, came out of Northern India, forever Kodama the owner for a penny. The European market is quite preoccupied and did not increase, and the level of the payment only will fall — the market will come released professionals who also want to eat. Cons is obvious — Ukraine received a "perfect" advertising over the past few months, the European employer (after watching baboons with swastikas) will shrug their shoulders and get more quiet and hard-working Bulgarians, Czechs, Romanians, Hungarians. Which work better, ask for less and have fewer risks.

If you take the situation of the European labour market, in General, poor, a little money there, and their unemployed (local) is sufficient.

To dreaming about Europe well will also know that in Europe diplomas are not recognized any Ukrainian University, as well as experience in local enterprises. The person who was CIO in the Ukrainian office, from the standpoint of the German employer — graduate school distant poor state. Which, consequently, loses simple local student is already at the stage of selection.

to Recap, in terms of work — as a local at a local company and a local store owner, but also abroad — has only gotten worse. Jobs less payment below.

"We're just against thieves"

Usually, writing such work or in any otchetno-papillom place type of ukrops (which is the selling division of the Russian and targeted work with? others in Ukraine, especially of money on license and support not), or gets a penny black cash through any WebMoney without paying taxes. Dear guys! In Your country now not coming, but on economic ass. In case any redistribution of power to new leaders of the country, taking advantage of the hype and confusion, are tightening the screws on the revenue side. Therefore, the prospects — Fig. It's a rich state like Russia can afford a little to ignore the fact that someone levacic, but poor (not poor, already impoverished) type of Ukraine can only try to panic to find the money from anywhere. And dripping outside translations, which lives half the country is a tidbit. I.e. it is better to become can not, can only faucet to tighten and add fees. The fight with the thieves at the expense of black money or work in otchetno-popilnia office — a thing, of course, fascinating, but now what's the first thing that the second over. Otchetno-mobilnim don't have much to cut because big business, breathing in the incense (when it increased gas prices by 20% making it unprofitable, for example) will cease to breathe well and the state budget is empty. Not to the mass purchase of Windows with the recovery of 20% of the amount of cash in a plastic bag. So the fight kind of turns sour.

"We'll be to help"

the EU Has simply run out of cash on their internal problems — Spain, Greece, Italy (in which, for a moment, the external debt under 2 trillion). She has nothing to feed a country of 50 million, and in General why? The country is not in the EU, GDP cheap, cheap labor force to do the rough work myself and thus crowding "bride-price for peanuts". Nafig to help? Help from the IMF — well, just look for example, when the IMF pulled out of the crisis, at least one country, and not driven even deeper into debt. Promises to allocate many billions last 20 years Ukraine did, what was the outcome?

One state, working world Gopnik, to bomb one country, and then allocates the money to the new government. Four billion, wow, that's generosity. Watch agreement — these 4 billion allocated in the following way — they have to purchase products from several of these companies (a coincidence that the owners of these companies sit in the Congress in the state, is random). Watch the price tag of these firms — great, Bank stew — 228 bucks. Bought, what to do — and in a year we should start to give 4 billion, but cash. As the years went on much the economy has recovered from such assistance? Yes, simply dazzling!

"now We are Europeans"

On the globe — and they always were. In fact the same — go to London (I know that there is no money — I for example), tell the local britishm that you are they. You can still go to Germany, to tell "we are Aryans". The result will be the same everywhere, may vary the details — the intelligent British will not be allowed on the threshold, the guys from Dortmund can fight with a laugh. The struggle for Evropeiskoi any Slavic country has the same and predictable ending — can see much more evropeiskoy Yugoslavia and its remains. Or ask about quotas Slavic labor force in France, there are such a lot of. The raising of Evropeiskoi is a simple sign that the writer clearly understands that he is not European, because if he was — the action didn't make sense. Belgian to be European, not fighting.

"actually we're good"

the Treasury is empty, the debts — the car and two barges. Ukrainian bonds, which a few days ago, tried to post, it will not be allowed on the European stock market regulators. For the price of these bonds — the paper on which they are printed. This is the question of what "evil Putin again the dough on to dance has not given" — Putin technically can't buy securities, which the EU rejected that as not being valuable. About the hryvnia, I think no need to explain — the world's first currency, fully secured only by issuing debt of its country, is in a flourishing condition. Industry of the South-East, which feeds the country (and not agricultural West), sits on ¾ on the Russian orders. Which, if anything, now extra drag on the local Russian and other countries (such as China), and that [the industry] barely makes ends meet, ends now.

"We now will pay a lot of money"

In principle, the above written about it. Again — jobs less competition in the labor market is higher, wages are lower. This is a market axiom that you read about the Invisible Hand of the Market? It will now poke you in the pockets. You can, of course, cheer each other, recklessly lying about a huge payday, sometimes pales than the "spec my level in Europe would get at least 2 thousand bucks", but forever-then this "mutual responsibility losers" and "Masturbation brotherhood" can not continue.

"Now everything will be fair"

In this statement, the writer usually puts some rosy pink dreams of a magical land of elves, fairies with the appearance of Sylvia his way to St. Lucia. In short everything that a resident of heartland of Russia sees in magical "crossing of MKAD", after which life will be surely like in the clips of the dancing Negroes. I will briefly enumerate, as it will be — well, when to be honest. To be honest, when it's Russia, two decades of fed and jobs, and gas at a discount, and preferential visa regime, and interest-free international remittances earned, all of it -- will shut down.

to Work in Russia on a work visa, it will need to obtain, renew. Work will be formally subject to quota and the employer it is expensive and a pain in the ass.

Still need to pay taxes to the European level — those who live for a one-time transfer WebMoney will be pleased to give 40 bucks to every 100, to take statements and do many other necessary things. Fair enough guys, like I wanted, no Halevi. Honestly will be chopped on the same labor market with the Hindus over whom I've laughed so much. Didn't want a little Russia — live in a hybrid of India and Somalia. And, twenty years was screaming about here-here-and-we-have-Dubai-Singapore-Hong Kong? Look at the Balts, they screamed too. This Kong has built just about anything! British and the Chinese envy packs died.

"Now we will have Western foreign policy"

Well, sorry, but 10 years ago, when Yushchenko came — what was it? What was the outcome? Gained debt, coprodeli remains the property of the USSR. An independent foreign policy, saying simply, "authorities" (which have brought to the area Polish, German and American politicians) is not by design. In the poor country of it is impossible in any way. So the Association with the EU, bonded and gloomy, Ukraine will sign in the most unfavourable case (he's already finalized, nobody hides). Same as wino black realtor signs the transfer of the apartment for a penny, because otherwise — evacuated out of the city, there have already dug the place.

All the charms of Association — a sharp increase of tariffs for the population, reduction of social sphere, strict limitations on exports and the removal of all duties on imports (well, somebody's European marriage and illiquid to sbagliati, right?) — all this will be very fast. Will shrink agriculture (pokonkurirovat with French farmers, more technologically advanced and seated on the support from the government, try) that the industry (sold 51 million tons of rolled steel — evacuate — one million, think about what will become of the plant, which sales will drop to 2% from last year). It's not evil and bad Putin, this is the same Europe that needed the classic "piece of explanatory work abroad for minimum money, send this money back to the family, the wife goes to the local store owned by a German supermarket chain, and leave there the money".

Now it is Western foreign policy. Didn't want to live in a Union — live in the colony. Because the EU legislation for the countries in the Association, covers local. You will be able to do anything, any laws to take, but will eat sweets with technical palm oil which "evil and bad" Russia for some reason refused to eat, and in China they actually run the machine.

"But we are not slaves"

not Relish slavery is one of the main ways of spending free time slave. Schwarzenegger does not go with the poster "I'm not weak man", Angelina Jolie does not go with the poster "But I do nicho so on the face", the US Congress does not go with posters "we Want to become billionaires", and much free Ukrainian days proves that he's not actually a servant, not a beggar and not a Chaldean. Suspicious somehow. Not slaves brought to the area of mercenaries. Not slaves from the podium ordered foreign policy. Not slaves spun bonded on the signature document, where there is slavery just in each line, from the rule of the laws of another country to obligations to support local producers. Not slaves clearly said people with passports from other countries will do so, like so, and then sanctions, troops, and money subtract. Striking is not slavery.

Maybe this text will help someone in dealing with their "European future", "mind" and "independence". Or personal understanding of the situation.