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Noize MC declined from battle with Khovansky

Download rap album 23.03.2016 at 10:11

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The Scandal when Noize mc hit Khovansky in the face, and zatronula in battle with Larin (by Khovansky). In addition Khovanskii caused on versus Noise. This can be seen in video battle Khovansky and Larina.

Noize mc But not only refused to participate in battle with itself Khovansky, he recognized the battle Versus a very questionable event. Statement Noise MS was published by one of his listeners.

On this occasion, Yuri Khovanskii published this post:

"New paloznak: Noise MS officially recognized zaslavsk cock. The title of freestyler of the first Russian machine to me, so I wait for your congratulations. And Vanya once and for all showed that only shake his fists. Don't make it, so now the Noise I propose to call only on his pogonyalu "homeless". Well, or "sastavci bum", "bougeois", "Homeless Suck" — as you like. So be it, sit tight, unshaven schmuck, and along won't hurt you. Until you touch"

So the battle Noize mc vs Khovanskii will never end - we came to this conclusion.

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