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Man and dog: domestication or evolution

Video 22.03.2016 at 06:08


Record of an online discussion ANTHROPOGENESIS.RU held on 20 March 2016.

Like dogs to their owners? In the first half of the 20th century a number of scientists have noticed for thousands of years man and dog has undergone similar changes. Among them are:

- "gracilization" - reducing the facial skeleton

- the decrease in brain volume

- acceleration of maturation

- change in the shape of aggressiveness

- the ability to reproduce all year round

, etc.

But these are all signs that are specific pet. So what happens: people feel domesticated?

this hypothesis has both supporters and opponents. Last pay attention to the fact that evolution is natural, and domestication an artificial process focused, and in the case of humans is more appropriate to speak not about the domestication, and specialization... or even biological degradation.

Alexander Vlasenko, Head. educational laboratory of Department of anatomy and histology, Moscow state Academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology them. K. I. Skryabin

Stanislav Drobyshevsky, a Famous Russian anthropologist and popularizer of science, candidate of biological Sciences. Scientific editor of the portal ANTHROPOGENESIS.RU.


Georgy Sokolov, marketing Director of the company "Genesis. Smart solutions"

Alexander Sokolov, Science journalist, science popularizer, the founder and editor of the portal ANTHROPOGENESIS.RU

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