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Sowing 2016 Ukraine: farmers and experts are full of pessimism

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 24.03.2016 at 09:32

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Ukraine started the spring sowing campaign. In Kiev, enthusiastic, colorful commercials-presentations talking about the unprecedented rise of agriculture in the country and promise new records. But simple farmers think soberly and are ready for serious losses is the fault of the Ukrainian leadership.

Bright frames — impressive figures. Wheat yields for 10 years has increased by 70 percent. Ukraine ranks third in the world for the supply of maize, the sixth in flour export. Judging by the text in English, the video is designed for a foreign audience.

this Is a fragment from a large speech presented by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk showed foreign curators — trying, apparently, to meet the expectations of the Vice President of USA Joe Biden that Ukraine will become an "agricultural superpower". In a spectacular promotional video did not include, however, any opinions of the Ukrainian farmers.

However, the farmers still say — at rallies and protests, which in the last few months satisfied with regularly. "Everything is done to ensure that the peasant worked on the land. We were deprived of state support, tax incentives, says one of the protesters. Someone becomes an inveterate drunkard, who is stronger – goes".

In Ukraine, is a spring crop, the cost of which, according to experts, in comparison with last year has grown on third and has reached 90 billion hryvnia. Rose seeds, fertilizers, machinery, petrol. Farmers go to the banks for loans, but they offer impossibly high interest rates. "Banks are very reluctant to give credits, — says Oleksiy Yakubin, political scientist. — Farmers require a receipt of the property, as reduced access to financial resources, many medium to small farmers to give up something to plant, and then already to think what to do next."

according to the request of the International monetary Fund Ukraine cut tax breaks for workers in the agricultural sector. Vadim Kudryavtsev from the village Malinovka of Donetsk region says, this decision at one point the game turned into a loss-making enterprise. "It is already estimated million loss," explains the farmer.

After the signing of the Association agreement with the EU farmers had high hopes on the European market. But these hopes are shattered about quotas. For example, in the year of Ukraine without duty can be brought in Europe only 1 million tons of grain, which is almost 30 times smaller than the total exports. It is not surprising that allocations country already settled, although from the beginning of 2016 it's only been 3 months. As for the finished product, it is all exactly the opposite. The quota is huge, but Ukrainian goods to European competition do not stand up. For example, confectionery Kiev can be imported into the EU per year to 2000 tons without paying any fees. But for the whole of 2015 deliveries amounted to only 200 tonnes.

"Yogurts all, hard cheeses. I understand there are producers and competition, it is difficult for us to go there, — said Alexander Okhrimenko, economic expert, head of the Ukrainian analytical center. — Previously, Ukraine supplied hard cheeses, confectionery goods in Russia. Due to the fact that Russia now buys, Ukraine has lost the market of selling".

to Replace it with Europe does not want. And to establish economic relations with Russia, Kyiv is in no hurry, although bear huge losses. And that Ukrainian politicians give out for good sign — the increase in the share of agriculture in GDP — according to experts, the signal is more than alarming. And if the agricultural sector still resists and tries to survive, the industry is losing Ukraine. The economy after the Maidan revolution has made a huge step — 25 years ago.