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ODESSA – two years later. You are at the UN meeting. You are not in the jungle!

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In Geneva In the framework of the UN session on human rights held hearings entitled "UKRAINE: Maidan, ODESSA – two years later" ("UKRAINE: MAïDAN, ODESSA – DEUX ANS APRÈS").

At the beginning of the hearings was a famous French scientist Xavier Moreau, co-founder of the site Stratpol specializing in geopolitical analysis. He paused to consider the causes of the Ukrainian civil conflict and considered the origins of the Odessa tragedy on 2 may. Mr. Moreau stated very clearly the trend of development of the situation in the country as to the line of escalation, in which the right nationalism increasingly radicalized and becomes even more dangerous on the background of ongoing fighting in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

At the hearing were also made by the witnesses and participants of the Odessa events Elena Radzikhovsky and Victoria Macula.

the Son of Helen - Andrei Blazevski, 26-year-old programmer, a native of Odessa, died on may 2, 2014 while defending the House of trade unions from peaceful protesters attacked Pro-Ukrainian radical nationalists.

Victoria Macula witnessed the events of may 2 from beginning to end.

the presentation of the Odessa mother in fact testified about the events of 2 may, which was accompanied by demonstration photos and videos, many of which were shown for the first time. In conjunction with the story witnesses the whole complex of materials has allowed to reveal a convincing picture of the crime committed in Odessa on may 2, 2014.

the Odessa mother told about the events that occurred after may 2, in this black sea town. That on a dock there were the victims themselves. A series of continuing arrests and harassment of peaceful rallies. Finally, that all the evidence of crimes and murders committed terrible may afternoon in a peaceful town, was ignored by the Ukrainian authorities - after all, the official results of investigations into killings in the House of trade unions is not granted so far, though it's been almost two years.

At the end of his speech, mother of Odessa demanded an independent international investigation of the tragedy on may 2.

Then an opinion was expressed by the journalist and social activist from Poland Jacek Kaminski. He expressed sympathy for the citizens of Odessa and reported that far-right, Pro-fascist movements also raise my head in Poland. Mr. Kaminski asked why the dock ships are Odessa victims on may 2, whereas it should prosecute the real culprits?

In response, the representatives of Odessa said that they are also very concerned about this issue. Hence the need for an impartial international investigation of the events of may 2, which would objectively assess the degree of responsibility of the parties to the conflict, which directly or indirectly resulted in dozens of casualties.

Small but traditionally vociferous supporters of modern Ukrainian propagandoi the public tried to disrupt the hearings. They categorically stated that the investigation is carried out and fault of defendants is proved. However, even they know that the Odessa Prosecutor's office have not presented any evidence to support the charges. At some point, their behavior was the reason the replicas present at the hearings of the known French sociologist and researcher in the organization of CNRS (national Centre for scientific research) Jean-Pierre Garnier, who has asked to be on the verge of hysteria to the defenders of Odessa pogroms with the words: "You are at the UN meeting. You are not in the jungle!" and expressed support for the initiatives of the international investigation.

during the hearings it also became known that to the UN Committee on human rights received a petition of the American public organization "the United National Antiwar Coalition the United States," which supported the requirement to conduct an international investigation into the events of 2 may 2014 in Odessa. A statement signed by prominent journalists, public figures and human rights activists in the United States.

At the current hearing, most speakers expressed sympathy and support for the people of Odessa, whose family came grief. This unanimous understanding of the tragedy contrasts sharply with the attitude that for the past almost two years, demonstrate to the families of the victims of the Ukrainian authorities. The demand for international investigation over the thugs and murderers on 2 may has received the full support of the majority present.

the voice of the mothers of Odessa was heard.