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Ukrainians are no longer to start up in Europe. What happened?

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By the end of 2015 it turned out that the number of refusals in the issuance of visas for Ukrainians in the EU for the reporting period increased sharply. This conclusion follows from officially published data of the European Commission about the statistics of the consulates of member States in the "Schengen area" and it seemed to agree that Ukraine needs "a visa-free regime".

If in 2013, the refusal received 1.7% of citizens of Ukraine in 2014 of around 2 %, in 2015 the past the number of "refuseniks" increased compared with 2013 year exactly in half, to 3.4 % of the total number of applicants.

most of the bounce comes from a recognized "friends of Ukraine". And the record here has the Polish Consulate, located in the winery. It gives a bounce to the twelve Ukrainians from each submitted documents hundreds of citizens.

Also in the "leaders on failures" Germany (6 %), Belgium (6.7 per cent), Czech Republic (6.9 %) and (very surprisingly) very sympathetic to the Kiev Sweden (5.7 per cent). In the Netherlands, the refusal to receive 7.2 percent of the applicants.

Note: these statistics concern only "tourist visas". For "working" visas such statistics are not officially published, but according to some indirect data, it is for Ukrainians was generally terrifying.

unfortunately, no statistics are kept of refusals of entry at the borders for citizens of Ukraine who already have visas, and they are reportedly perturbed Ukrainian media almost as much, how many refusals at the consulates and embassies of the "Schengen countries".

it first of all is connected and what first of all says?

the European political elite, except, perhaps, those of the Netherlands, in relation to the current regime of Ukraine is still very, very friendly. The main reasons of growth of failures is simple.

according to statistics only three:

1) Mass (actually delivered on the thread) actually a fake provided for obtaining visas for Ukrainian documents

2) the Disparity of income

3) the Main reason: "unfounded purpose of the trip"

That is, when from the perspective of the consular officer of the people coming is clearly not to admire European beauty and antiquities, and with the purpose of illegal employment, that from the point of view of any official, of course, is absolutely unacceptable.

-- the idea of Europe is against the "visa free regime" does not object. But in Ukraine now is what is called "scattered stones". And how these "stones", in particular, needed to "visa-free regime" (well, that's how he can generally be seen in paralysis of the law enforcement system), assemble — really doesn't know anybody.

And Yes, again. When on Independence square in Kiev two years ago ended with a solemn race — riding was in the altered state of knowledge. That is, they were convinced the majority that are jumping for the entry of Ukraine into the EU and free in it employment.

the Reminder that the Association with the EU has no relation to the accession to the EU and that even the visa-free regime – it's just the mode "tourist", was regarded by them with hostility.

But the reality of this has not changed.