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New Ukrainian armored car was cracked after the test

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Unlucky armored car was supposed to go into service in 2014, but now it again have to rework, writes the Ukrainian edition.

the Supply of armored vehicles "Dozor-B" Armed forces of Ukraine had to be postponed, because during the tests the prototypes formed through cracks in the special unit, according to an Apostrophe.

according to the publication, the crack length of about 40-50 centimeters are in the area of the engine. The cars, which were found defective, a little over 400 and 100 kilometers.

in 2014, Ukraine has announced that the car will soon be put into mass production and will be made almost 200 Grand a year for the Armed forces and the National guard. "Dozor-B" managed to show the President, military attache of foreign countries, to take on a number of international exhibitions, writes Apostrophe.

Earlier media reported that workers of the plant "was renamed" a new armored vehicle in "Shame" because of questionable reliability. However, the quality of Ukrainian defense industry is not the first time becomes an object of ridicule. During the half year the armed forces received 20 units of BTR-3 and 25 — BTR-4. Through a small time period on the go there are only 18 cars, and breakage did not occur as a result of hostilities.