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Insulin in Ukraine issue last year when "Europe"

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In Ukraine introduced a new system of delivery of insulin — soon diabetic patients will receive the medication in polyclinics and in pharmacies, writes the Timer.

On the expected innovations on 4 April, journalists were told by the chief doctor "Odessa regional endocrinological dispensary" Olga Agafonova.

In the near future in Ukraine will be introduced a new scheme of delivery of insulin, and implemented the European system of reimbursement of the cost of this drug.

In Ukraine it is expected the introduction of the reimbursement system (reimbursement) cost insulins from April 1, 2016 — the corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted in March this year.

As told Olga Agafonova, to date the insulin was purchased from the region at the expense of the funds transferred from the state budget. Under the new scheme to buy the drug will be directly to medical institutions.

Every hospital will enter into a contract for the purchase of insulin with a particular pharmacy that are geographically close to a health institution. First, pharmacists buy medicine for their money, and then the state transfers money to them.

To date, this issue has already encountered a problem. As emphasized Agafonova, in some areas struggle to find pharmacies that would agree to work under the scheme.

to Reimburse the money the state will be at the level approved by the Ministry of health reference prices. Today that price has not yet been approved.

in Addition to the European scheme of reimbursement of the cost of insulin, and are assumed to be innovations in the procedure of its issuance.

Olga Agafonova has told that in Ukraine today 2 million patients with diabetes mellitus. In the Odessa region — about 77 thousand people, of which 13 723 patient take insulin (including 459 children). Get insulin under the new scheme will be able those patients whose data will be included in a new Unified register of insulin-dependent patients.

"99% of patients with diabetes mellitus Odessa region registered in the Unified register. There are problems with immigrants, because they have no permanent residence", — said Agafonov.

the chief Physician assured that during this, all patients will receive their medication without any changes. But then get free insulin can be achieved only after passing a tough selection.

"the Patient needs not only medication, but also to monitor their lifestyle. The state refuses to help, but asking the people themselves to take care of yourself. Should lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, avoid stress," — said Agafonov.

Today, many get free insulin and settle for their treatment do not take any more action, in particular, refuse to live a healthy lifestyle. In the future such people will not receive the medication for free.

If the results of the study, the glycosylated hemoglobin level will exceed a certain norm that will testify of their poor self-treatment, then such patients will be deprived of free medication. For such people will have two options to get insulin another form or to pay extra for good out of his own pocket.

told Agafonova, a new system of delivery of insulin should have been updated from 1 April 2016.