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Geopolitical results of the referendum in the Netherlands

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At the moment has counted all the ballots of the referendum on the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Against voted more than 61% came to the polling stations. Overall, the referendum was attended by more than 32% of the electorate, i.e. the referendum was held.

to Summarize for all stakeholders:

1. For Ukraine.

the Area “free” trade will remain. It works only in one direction: goods from the EU to freely enter Ukraine. In the opposite direction, as shown, the area of “free” trade is not working. It is needed precisely because of the EU and not Ukraine, European bureaucrats will find a way to leave everything as is. Only if earlier the officials from Brussels was called a robbery of Ukraine for mutually beneficial cooperation, and now its sequel will be a huge favor on behalf of European Commission. On the prospects of membership in EU put a fat cross, and a visa-free regime postponed in a very long box.

2. For The Netherlands.

the Actual Ukraine in the Netherlands nobody was interested in. Local eurosceptics, it was important to say NO to Brussels, that would strengthen its position before the parliamentary elections. And they succeeded. The referendum is Advisory in nature. But now the government has to choose: either to go on the eve of elections against the will of the people by giving Parliament, the eurosceptics, or to say NO to Brussels. I wonder what they will choose?

3. For UK and other EU countries.

the Victory of eurosceptics in one country will inevitably give strength to their colleagues. So to preserve the integrity of the EU will be harder and harder.

4. For the United States.

On a tactical level, the strengthening of the eurosceptics will make it harder for the Americans control EU. In strategic – will increase the likelihood mellivorinae consensus, allowing alternative centres of power.

5. For Russia.

On a tactical level, the strengthening of eurosceptics complicates the conduct of any anti-Russian actions.

will there Be any policy implications, will become clear after the summer in the UK referendum and approval of the American oligarchs of the candidacy of the next President of the USA.

the results of the referendum in Ukraine can lead to a crisis in the EU:

the Dutch referendum Results are now discussing is not just in the Netherlands and Europe but also far beyond the borders of the European Union. Most experts agree that voting "no" to Ukraine does not affect. But for relations within the EU, the consequences can be serious.

the Referendum in the Netherlands – is a barometer of the relationship within the EU. With this title comes the Irish newspaper "Irish times". The publication writes that the arguments of those who campaigned "for" or "against" ratification of the agreement, it is only a pretext. And in fact residents of the Netherlands answered the question how they evaluate the Union's external policies and the EU as a whole.

This thread continues to "Deutsche Welle". German commentators emphasize that, in fact, put before the voters the question of the essence of things is not changed. But if affirmative the special effects for a turn, then negative, indeed, can change the course of things in the EU. In particular, to influence the upcoming referendum in the UK about leaving the EU.

a deeper analysis of causal relationships held intelligence of the American edition "foreign Policy in Focus". They believe that the very fact of the referendum is already very worrying for Europe signals. Especially if we take into account the increased activity of NATO, and disagreements over the crisis with migrants.

the Author writes that some supporters of the agreement with Ukraine was trying to turn the vote into a referendum on Vladimir Putin. In other words, the question for the population were set as follows: "True to the policy of Brussels towards Moscow. A negative result, in the end, shows that the strategy chosen by the leadership of the EU after the events of two years ago in Ukraine, broad support has not found.

In turn, journalists Bloomberg recalled the statements of some politicians long before the vote. Thus, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker back in January stated that the failure of the referendum may lead to a crisis on a continental scale. And the Finance Minister of Germany Wolfgang Schaeuble said the vote itself "a bit absurd", but at the same time perfectly reflects the best state of Affairs in European politics.