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Greenhouses and polycarbonate greenhouses

Construction of hangars and warehouses 12.04.2016 at 09:46

Getscrollmode offer a full range of services in design, manufacture and erection of hangars in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

to Order the polycarbonate greenhouses on the phone: 8-985 890-34-69, 8-905-160-39-38

Often hothouses and greenhouses are made of glass or plastic, but polycarbonate is in all ways superior to these materials. It has less weight, high strength, provides excellent thermal insulation of buildings, protection from UV radiation and scatters light well. Light weight does not require a massive frame. In addition, polycarbonate – available material and sale of greenhouses is almost any agricultural store.

the Construction of greenhouses and polytunnels. When installing polycarbonate greenhouses need to follow a few rules. Cutting of sheets to perform better with a regular knife, fastening them to the frame can be performed by means of bolts, but it is better to use double sided adhesive tape. A special protective film on the leaves will protect the polycarbonate from degradation due to UV rays. For the manufacture of greenhouse West greenhouse, use a lightweight frame and the thin sheets of polycarbonate. The main difference from greenhouse – small height necessary for normal plant growth. If necessary, it can simply move to another place. You can buy the whole greenhouse and on the plot just to collect her element as a designer.

the Area of application of polycarbonate greenhouses and polytunnels. As you know, massively polycarbonate for the manufacture of greenhouses and polytunnels used by industry. In recent years, such designs are becoming increasingly popular amongst gardeners and enthusiasts. In many suburban areas adorn these wonderful and effective device that offers owners impressive yields. Wide dissemination of such designs contributes to their high performance and availability. As for the price of a greenhouse or a greenhouse, it is possible to afford to acquire themselves.

to Order the polycarbonate greenhouses on the phone: 8-985 890-34-69, 8-905-160-39-38