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Download rap album 22.04.2016 at 11:58

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The fresh information Guf Slim and decided to record a joint album.

Moscow rappers, ex-members of the group Center, and Slim Guf announced that this fall will release joint mini-album. Here's what to think about this slim, the best rappers:

"Rihanna jokingly suggested naming the EP "GuSli". Now this is the working title of the project," said Slim, and answered about the collapse of the CENTR a and concerts Made with om - "At some point, it became clear that we have too different views on creativity and on life, too. The dialogue came to nothing lead, and it was decided just to leave. Now we to the Guf was invited to give concerts in several cities we thought, why not! Has launched a new programme, which will be different from the concert program CENTR".

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