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How strong feelings towards religion among the peoples of different countries

The scientific approach 04.05.2016 at 05:50

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The Percentage of the population who consider religion an important part of your life

a Global survey of attitudes and trends Global Attitudes & Trends for 2015, revealed the attitude of people to religion on a global scale. According to the Pew research center, 98% of Ethiopians consider religion a very important part of my life, the same opinion is shared by only 3% of Chinese and 11% of Japanese.

In Ethiopia, almost all of the respondents claimed that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church influences their worldview. Another African country, Senegal ranks second, here in the predominantly Muslim country, 97% of the population consider religion a very important part of my life. The five most religious countries, in addition to the above, also includes Indonesia, Uganda and Pakistan. In spite of all efforts to promote religions on the territory of the Russian Federation, the number of Russians is religious 19%, significantly lower than, for example, in socialist Vietnam from 28% in the democratic or Canada with its 27% of religious people.

In General, religion is considered important mainly in developing countries, the world's largest economy show a much lower percentage, with the exception of the United States, where more than half of people consider religion a very important part of my life. For example, in the UK and Germany only one person in five considers religion important. The Chinese were the least religious, just less than one in 20 said that religion is important to them.

the changes in the global population of the population by religious denominations, in a billion people over 80 years

Data on global population change say that by 2050, the religious landscape will undergo changes. By this time, the Muslims will overtake Christians numerically, in turn the number of not religious people will grow at a significantly slower pace.

the Percentage of people who consider religion important, higher among women

In most countries religion is more important for women than for men. In 46 of the 84 countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, women and men are roughly equally appreciate the importance of religion in their lives, but in 36 other countries women more often than men, viewed religion as an important part of life. Only in Israel and Mozambique, the percentage of men who rated the personal importance of religion to them, is higher than among women.

How great must be the influence of the Koran on the laws of the country?

Also, a study was conducted clear about the definition of people's opinion on whether the Quran to influence the laws of the country. The study included the assessment of 10 countries with a significant Muslim population. For example, in Pakistan 78% believe that the Koran directly influence the laws of the country, and in Turkey this opinion is shared by only 13% of respondents. In Burkina Faso, the largest number of Muslims, 60%, believe that the Koran should not have any relation to the laws of the country.

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