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The construction of non-standard metal structures

Construction of hangars and warehouses 04.05.2016 at 09:35

Getscrollmode offer a full range of services in design, manufacture and erection of hangars in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Non-standard metal in order to reduce the cost. To do this, in the manufacture of decorative elements, furniture, signage on stores and billboards — use chrome plating and Nickel plating of ferrous metals, as well as painting and powder coating.

the Galvanized metal used in the manufacture of greenhouses, signage, cladding, roofing. Such structures combine lightness and durability.

In the production of the individual elements are interconnected in a special way, turning into non-standard metal. In composition they are divided into:

Pipe. Sheets, including corrugated, with stamping. Profiles. Beams.

according To the method of fixing:

Bolt. Riveted. Welded. Forged. The advantages of non-standard metal structures

the Main advantage of non-standard hardware is optimized to the conditions. Where it is impossible to use a standard object, it is possible to apply special. For example, the enclosure heating KIP has a standard size. In case of change, addition of devices or lack of access to the closet, it was changed to custom.

In the case of engineering failures non-standard object can save the situation. For example, in the construction of the bridge there was a slight discrepancy designs. In this case, calculate and add the custom section.

an Important aspect is the speed of installation. Metal structures are erected and dismantled in a short time.

the Strength of the metal allows you to build complex objects, resistant to environmental influences, with the effect of memory. Decorative properties — to create art objects.

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