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Wismec RX 200 Reuleaux

INDICA — Goods discount 08.05.2016 at 21:46

INDICA — Goods discount

Wismec the RX200 Reuleaux box mod 200W with the card Joytech

Wismec and renowned engineer and designer Jay Bo represent exclusive vaping bossmod pay 200 watt from Joytech.

Unique design of fashion, the ability to use three 18650 battery and the most advanced technology of temperature control make the RX200 boxmodel Wismec the number one to date.

the characteristics of Vismac Eriks 200

50x40x84 mm

connection Type

the connector 510 of the first type

Size batteries


the Number of batteries

3 PCs

Modes of operation


output power

from 1 to 200 Watt

Temperature range

100-300 ° C / 200-600 ° F — only in TC mode




0.91 inch

Advantages Wismec RX 200

Wismec DNA 200W Reuleaux runs on 3 batteries of 18650 type, they are located in diamond pattern, so the device itself is easy to fit even in a small hand without any discomfort. Recommended to use rechargeable batteries, Sony VTC4, LG HE4, and LG HE2 batteries with similar characteristics.

the Temperature control and 200 watts

In the mode of thermal control(TC) Wismec Reuleaux only works with coils of Nickel, titanium or other metals with a specific temperature coefficient of resistance.

1. Wismec RX 200 allows you to configure 8 profiles. It is a device for growth, thanks to the firmware updates.

2. Maximum output power Wismec maybe 200 Watts. This is a significant help for those who have decided to enjoy all the delights of vayenga.

3. 510 stainless steel pin and spring-loaded connector ensures long life and no drawdowns

the Spring loaded connector pins ensure compatibility with virtually all tanks, clearomizers and gribkami.

the Charging Wismec Reuleaux

Charge of Rel in two ways:

1. Via USB cable

2. Pull out the battery, removing the magnetic lid and to nourish them on an external charging

What's included

1*unit Vismac the RX200 Reuleaux

1*Magnetic cover

1*USB Cable

Price: 5500 RUB Special price: 4500 RUB.

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