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IBox 50W Boks Mod

INDICA — Goods discount 08.05.2016 at 21:46

INDICA — Goods discount


Razmer - 96*54*23 mm

Material - Alyuminiy

Batareya - 1*18650

Moschnost - 7-50 vatt


1.Lock on/off status: 5 clicks continuously in 2 seconds, Display "LOCK CLICK 5X"

2.Stealth Mode/Normal Mode:Click on "DOWN"and "FIRING BUTTON" for 5 seconds under "LOCK ON" status, "NORMAL MODE" and "STEALTH MODE" will be displayed in a cycle.

3.Left/Right Mode: Click on "UP"and "FIRING BUTTON" for 5 seconds,the screen display mode will be displayed in a cycle with "LEFT /RIGHT MODE", Left mode will be much better for left-handed person.

4.Wattage Locking:Click on "UP"and "DOWN" for 3 seconds,the screen will display "POWER LOCKED HODE UP DOWN" interface. the "UP" and "DOWN" function will be locked under this mode, Continue to click on "UP"and "DOWN" for 3 seconds will be released from this locking status.

Tsena: 4990 rub. Osoboe predlozhenie: 3500 rub.

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