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Budget hand care at home

The territory of beauty Norm 31.05.2016 at 19:57

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Women will always do everything possible to look younger than their years. However, a common mistake of women is that they pay little attention to their hands. But they say the age of his mistress. In this case, women should do all sorts of moisturizing masks, while they do not have to visit expensive salons, such procedures can be performed independently at home. Thanks to these masks your skin for a long time will be smooth and soft, hands will get a beautiful look.

Huge number of women do not listen to the advice when they are told that the work must be performed wearing rubber gloves. The fact is that if such gloves are not used then the hands start to contact with various detergent preparations, powders, by other means. Because of this, the skin washed natural fat layer. This means that the skin begins to need constant nutrition and hydration. It is good that the ingredients for such procedures, any girl can find in your kitchen.

The simple hand mask is a mask based on oil of olive. To prepare this means you need ten milliliters of the oil to heat in a water bath, add a small spoon of lemon juice. Ready composition is applied to the skin of the hand, massage movements are performed, then hands put on gloves made of polyethylene. It is desirable that the mask remains on the skin during the night, but one hour is enough to get a good effect.

To restore the skin of hands is possible to use a mask, which is egg yolk, sour cream and cottage cheese. All the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and apply for fifteen minutes on the skin of the hands.

If your skin is dry, you can use a mask made of mashed potatoes and a small amount of sour cream. When it is desirable to boil a pot of mashed potatoes, dipped in the resulting mass of hands and keep them there for as long as the puree does not become cold.

To nourish the skin of hands is possible to use a mask out of zucchini. Zucchini rubbed, to obtain a paste, then add the sour cream and vegetable oil in small amounts.

To moisturize the skin and can be used fruit. For example, you can chop the banana, add the cream, and apply the resulting composition on your hands. Because of this your skin will not be dry.

the Excellent effect capable of exerting a mask, consisting of grape juice. It not only moisturizes skin, but also smoothes deep wrinkles. To prepare this mask you need to mix juice with oatmeal to get weight, similar to sour cream.