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Installation of hangars and warehouses. Brigade.....

Construction of hangars and warehouses 31.05.2016 at 18:59

Getscrollmode offer a full range of services in design, manufacture and erection of hangars in Moscow and the Moscow region.


the Construction of hangars and warehouses Moscow – Fabricated buildings from light steel structures; – Frame-tent constructions; – construction of the garages; – Frameless hangars; – Construction of hangars; Construction of warehouses; – Construction of industrial and commercial buildings; Tent sheds; – hangars for storage and maintenance of equipment; – Construction of cowsheds, pig houses; – Construction of vegetable storage facilities; – Construction of grain storage; – Manufacture and installation of steel structures; – Design of steel structures.

Welding, pipe welding:fire,heat points,pump,boiler,pipes,radiators, construction on the project

Reliable, quality, experienced crews, all the work is guarantee. tel 8-985-890-34-69. Moscow and the Moscow region tel. 8-905-160-39-38. Moscow and the Moscow region

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