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Metal products/ scrap Metal dealer in the suburbs. The team of installers.

Construction of hangars and warehouses 02.06.2016 at 11:56

Getscrollmode offer a full range of services in design, manufacture and erection of hangars in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Items made of metal are called metal. The metal is widely distributed. Modern life is hard to imagine without metal products. To include metal paper clip, and building materials. The production is made in a rolling machine. The metal is processed under strong pressure. Rolling can be hot, warm or cold, it depends on the temperature.

the heating Registers Fences Gate Posts Areaway Grating Supports Stairs welded scaffolding the Construction of hangars and warehouses Moscow – Fabricated buildings from light steel structures; – Frame-tent constructions; – construction of the garages; – Frameless hangars; – Construction of hangars; Construction of warehouses; – Construction of industrial and commercial buildings; Tent sheds; – hangars for storage and maintenance of equipment; – Construction of cowsheds, pig houses; – Construction of vegetable storage facilities; – Construction of grain storage; – Manufacture and installation of steel structures; – Design of steel structures.

Welding, pipe welding:fire,heat points,pump,boiler,pipes,radiators, construction on the project

Reliable, quality, experienced crews, all the work is guarantee. tel 8-985-890-34-69. Moscow and the Moscow region tel. 8-905-160-39-38. Moscow and the Moscow region

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