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Flying in deep space: humans or robots?

Video 12.06.2016 at 09:41


About 40 years people only fly around the Earth. Why? What's new about the Universe we learned with the help of astronauts over the years? But manned space flight is spent over a third of the space budget of the developed countries. The work space of machines today, and is much more effective and much cheaper. Talk about flying to Mars is just empty words until we learn how long to fly beyond the Earth's magnetosphere.

on the other hand, today Russia is in fact a monopolist on the market of manned space flight. It would be foolish to refuse such benefits. Thanks to manned space flight arose such a synthetic science, space biology and space medicine. Manned spaceflight allows us today to seek solutions to problems of survival of mankind as a biological species and expand its capabilities as a civilization.

So who should belong to the cosmos in the coming decades, people or robots?

the Discussion took place in preparation for the Scientific and educational Forum "Scientists against myths" (available online broadcast) panelists: Vladimir Surdin, Anton Pervushin, Alexander Sokolov, Georgy Sokolov