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The cure for a sick LDNR Ukraine

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 21.06.2016 at 05:05

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On 12 June, the DNR said that the shelling of Donbass will continue as long as between the APU and VSN somebody will not. This is logical – if the parties to the conflict can not stop, then someone needs to stop them. Another thing is that it is not "abstract side", and a full army, armed with heavy weapons!

And about the words... I Want to remind that last summer the parties to the conflict on Donbass agreed on the withdrawal of weapons with a caliber smaller than 100 mm. a Year has passed, what do we see? Both sides accuse each other of using tanks (which guns have a caliber greater than 100 mm) and artillery 120-152 mm!

the whole complex of measures known as the " truce "Minsk-2", for the half year was carried out only a little: discontinued active operations, there are regular exchanges of prisoners, as well as more or less normal transition to peaceful residents of the confrontation line.

This and all that, what did the "Minsk-2".

the War in Donbass started, so civilians could travel from Donetsk to Kiev and back! War began for other reasons, the effect of which is not fixed, therefore, the resumption of full-scale war in Donbass – it's just a matter of time.

the weakness of the APU is forcing Kiev to seek help from NATO – it's natural. The growing strength of the BCH is pushing the militia into more and more aggressive contact fighting.

Any troops that are on the demarcation line between the warring parties – those troops which I wish both parties. That is, first diplomacy, then the deployment of peacekeeping troops. For example, the "Minsk-2" it is evident that in the war in the Donbass diplomacy no longer works, so no foreign troops on the demarcation line will be no peace, nor NATO, nor Russian.

currently the diplomacy in the conflict zone actually works regardless of the fighting – no need to draw attention to the fact that someone is something they said – we need to look at what was done!

And for the duration of the "Minsk-2" in the militia was made that the BCH has developed into a formidable fighting machine, focused on the attack!

According to the Ukrainian media: 1 AK Donetsk is a 5 brigades and two regiments, numbering 20 thousand people; 2 JSC "Lugansk" is the 4th brigade and one regiment, in a total population of 14.6 million people. Moreover, in the structure of the BCH right now formed a separate assault units! Right now, Carl! Assault units BCH! And diplomacy tells about the armament of the staff of the OSCE mission with pistols or that someone should stand between the APU and VSN! Well, well.

once a Guess – why the stormtroopers in the BCH? In 2014, they were not, in 2015 a special assault units in the BCH was not, and now, they for some reason needed!

But that's not all – according to Kiev, the stormtroopers in the BCH train in different ways – it will be the paratroopers and Marines!

diplomacy is talking about all sorts of "police missions" and other "peacekeepers in the Donbass"!

the Ukraine as a state and a society is sick, and tanks LDNR is the drug that will cure Ukraine.