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Foot massage

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Of Course, there are those who would argue that there are much more important types of massage than the foot massage. We have, sometimes back pain, "buzzing" the head and neck creak, but knowledgeable people understand that the pain in certain parts of the body comes from our feet. The foot is the Foundation on which rests our muscles and bone structure. Ferrari would not move on smooth tyres, in the same way as your body is tired and stiff feet. Learn the basics of massage and give your partner real pleasure!

From a physiological point of view of the foot provide a symmetrical arrangement of the knees, hips, and placing the lower back. Most doctors appoints orthopedic shoes for people who experience discomfort in the back and hips. And since our feet are so important, then caring for them can improve overall well-being of our entire body. And as the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the foot actively and tirelessly working for many years, they massage really can help to keep them in good shape more than one year.

on the other hand, massage can also be one of the most enjoyable massages. Unlike other parts of the body, a foot connected with countless pleasure centers, in addition, according to the acupuncturists, feet have (seemingly nesootnosimye) connection with many other health problems.

So grab a foot cream. Find yourself a generous lover/partner/friend or just yourself finally pay attention to your feet. They do so much for you, so do you have something to show their concern.


Because our feet every day so much pressure, you will first need to call the blood flow to them. The blood stream carries to our muscles all the necessary nutrients, therefore promoting the blood circulation in the feet is the key to their physical recovery. Thus, the first receiving a good foot massage is called reception conducive to the blood circulation. Its name implies that it can be used to increase blood flow to the tissues of the feet.

, Grasp the foot with one hand, and the second exercise the fingers. You can gently squeeze the pad of the feet; a moderate pressure is also applied to the sole of the foot to avoid tickling your partner. Continue to knead and RUB her entire foot. It is recommended to do 20 such movements in the upper and 10 times on the lower part of the foot.

the Rotation of the foot

don't forget about the ankles. They are under the same pressure as on the feet, plus they are interrelated. So the effect of the following two techniques aimed directly at the ankle and the point of connection with the feet. This method of rotation is not a stretch, it is only to relax the foot and ankle.

with One hand, support the foot bottom, and the other rotate it as much as possible. Slowly draw foot oval in the air. Continuing to do this movement, you will notice that the diameter of rotation of the foot increased slightly. It is important to note that the ankle joint is composed of bones and cartilage, so move your ankle only in the direction in which she allows, and stop motion if you hear any creaking or crunching. Rotate the foot turns 3-5 times in both directions.

the Stroking of the foot and ankle

the feelings, this technique relaxes the entire body. To start, place the tips of the fingers directly into the junction of the toes with the foot. Using both hands squeeze the bones of the foot, then slide hands up to the ankle. When your toes are at the ankle, hugging her and massaging her front part with your thumbs.

during the massage we strive to find the muscle tissue, but this area of the body is hard, because it consists of bones, tendons and ligaments. Massaging her, try to stretch your muscles that you feel during the massage.

the Flexion and rotation of the foot

This technique is particularly effective if you have sore feet after prolonged standing or walking. Grasp the foot with both sides of the inner side of the hands and start to bend and straighten the toes. During this massage the muscles between the bones of the foot using your thumbs. By doing this your partner, be prepared that touch fingers to the sole of the foot during the massage will certainly cause moans of pleasure.

the Pulling of the toes

, This massage method can bring pleasant feeling, but be careful, do not try to pull your fingers too sharply. Careful pulling of the toes will help them to feel more mobile and relieve tension. Try this in combination with the foot bath, because the hot fingers you can pull a lot easier and more enjoyable. Remember that the important thing in this technique is not to hear the snap of the fingers, just pull them, but if they do click, don't worry, just do not put for the purpose to hear this sound.

the Massaging of the sole of the foot

the Greatest part of the muscles of the foot located on the bottom, where the fat pads that serve as a protection to the bones. If you are using this massage method on itself, it will be easier to attach the foot to the knee of the other leg, after putting on his towel, so as not to contaminate the cream clothes. If you do it with your partner, put his/her foot on the knee or on a chair with a pillow.

With thumbs make circular movements over the entire surface of the sole, moving from the junction of the fingers with the foot to the heel. Try to keep the pressure on the foot was continuous and uniform. Heel massage is more intense, because the skin is rougher.

After you've stretched your whole foot massage is additionally the part in which you experience chronic pain – the base of the fingers, the arch of the foot or perhaps ankle. In order to remove the cramp in the arch of the foot, you need to slightly push him with one hand and pull the foot, but just enough to feel the resistance of muscle and not to cause pain. Try not to hurt yourself or your partner. This part of the foot is sensitive and its excessively strong tightening can be painful, but the massage was supposed to relax!

Bath and grinding soles

In local cosmetic store, you will surely be able to find all kinds of salt and oil bath specially designed for the washing of the feet. Warm water will help to relieve muscle tension, and salts to soothe the skin, besides their smell can be nice to relax. Do not remove feet from the bath, while cosmetic product is completely dissolved, so your skin and muscles will definitely absorb the heat. Regular baths can increase the elasticity of tendons and the General condition of the feet.

the Grinding of the bottom of her feet is something people do often enough. You can perform this procedure in combination with a tray, after which the leather softer and more pliable. Use pumice for removing dead skin layer and dirt clogged in it. This should be done not only for aesthetic purposes, because removing calluses from the feet, you can make your step easier and to avoid cracking of the soles of the feet, especially in summer, when we often go barefoot or in sandals. Thanks to socks, our feet retain moisture, but corn prevent it to absorb into the skin.

take Care of your feet, and they'll do the same, giving you an easy walk!

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