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Hand massage

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Our hands do a lot of work: lift weights, perform complex and repetitive movements. As a result, they are one of those body parts that are in a constant state of fatigue. In this article, you will learn about the internal functioning of these vital limbs, but also why massage this area so useful. After that, we'll tell you why you should start a hand massage to beginners and guidance on the use of some special techniques.

the Basics of anatomy.

hands are controlled by long tendons and muscles that extend from the elbows. They are connected to blood vessels and nerves in the wrist, forming a tight ligament called the carpal. When the hands are tensed, the carpal tunnel is compressed and exerts a significant pressure on the three main nerves of the hand. A typical example is carpal tunnel syndrome, a disorder resulting from repetitive movements that cause tension in the hand and wrist. Heavy manual labor, in contrast to repeated loading also causes inflammation, swelling and pain.

Some hand massage can benefit?

Almost all! The techniques, which we'll tell you now, you can restore your inflamed hand, which is not receiving enough oxygen and feel almost weightless! For a good massage does not require much skill to get a positive result. Hand massage is easy to do yourself, besides, it can be done with virtually no training, but the impact of many techniques increases with the use of massage oil.

5 key tips for hand massage

• the Fingers, knuckles and even the elbows are used during hand massage. You can use your thumbs, but too deep kneading of the palms can cause a sprain. If possible, use methods that will not harm your hands.

• Due to the convenient location of the hands during the massage your partner can sit or lie on your back, while you sit next to him/her. Alternatively, you can stay behind the partner, and he/she go to bed, straightened his back and putting his hand over his head. When giving a massage, put a hand and wrist of your partner on the pillow.

• You can also use my mouth to kiss or suck the fingers of your partner and the palm of your hand, although you may want to wait until the end of the massage while the hands of your partner will not be thoroughly promassiruyte. According to tantric philosophy, the sensual sucking of the thumb can directly stimulate the genitals, especially in men.

• do Not forget that your partner will receive the most pleasant emotions, if you will repeat the techniques and massage effortlessly. A few extra minutes dedicated to the massage turn into days of relief for your partner.

• Choose one of the following methods: massage the entire back surface, after the massage the inner part of the hand, or alternate sides on each part of the hand, for example, first the fingers, then the palm and the connection of the fingers.


Warming up

This refreshing admission is a great way to start the massage. It restores blood circulation and stimulates blood flow.

Method: simply place the hand of the person you massage between your hands and RUB it first slowly, then faster. This action is similar to the rotation of the sticks between your hands to it ignited. Can also blow on the hands.

recommended use: start with this movement because it will warm up your hands by the heat of your own body. It is also a good way to reduce the sensitivity of the hands if your partner is ticklish.


This technique allows to thoroughly massage the hands of your partner with your thumbs. It is performed to areas of accumulated tension in the muscles of the fingers and hands. Most of all this technique is familiar to fans of video games.

Method: apply both hands to partner's hand so, as if you take the joystick for a video game, and massage it with your thumbs. The hand is to stretch more intensely, while the back side of the hand requires gentle movements.

recommended use: in this position you can stretch the palm of a partner, stretch it out or gently massaging the small bones on the back of the hand. Keeping their fingers the palm from the bottom, with your thumbs make circular movements (or same movement back and forth); RUB the palm and fingers of the partner on both sides of the hands.


If your target is a serious therapeutic approach, try acupressure. This is a kind massage therapy that involves the stimulation of acupuncture points with the fingers instead of needles. Acupuncture points on the hand are connected by meridians that when you stimulate release blocked energy and allow it to easily go to the appropriate part of the body. During the massage hands can affect the 6 main Meridian.

Technique: take a quick, intense and concentrated circular movements, pressing on a specific point. This movement should continue for 5-15 minutes, but be careful not to overdo it, because it can aggravate the problem. How do you know that you hit upon the right spot? When putting pressure upon them, these points become softer, which actually helps them to detect.

recommended use: pericardium 6 is a point located 5 cm above from the middle of the inner side of the wrist. Massaging this area can ease nausea, motion sickness while riding, and nausea in pregnant women. Stimulate the point Hae-GU, gripping the junction of the fingers between the thumb and forefinger, and also by clicking on a thumb. This makes it possible to alleviate ailments such as toothache and headache, dizziness, menstrual cramps and constipation.

the Flexion and extension

Through this technique, hard arm muscles, get the necessary tension. It is also a great transition to other techniques of massage, especially if your massage is aimed only at relief. All you need to do is not to overdo it.

the Method: start from the inner side of the arm. With one hand supporting the hand and wrist of your partner, put the four fingers on his/her fingers at a right angle, press lightly on them and tilt forward. Then do the same with the back side of the hands of your partner. Alternately bend and unbend his/her fingers.

suggested uses: try this technique on the bend of the wrist – this tension will be felt throughout the hand: fingers, palm and wrist. Repeat this technique on each finger separately: tilt the fingers alternately forward, hold and then tilt back and also delay. Pay special attention to the thumb. Also "reveal" the hand can interlacing your fingers with his/her, carefully tilting them down.

Obvalivanie each finger

This technique is easy to perform and useful in order to whom it is applied. A large part of the massage hand can be performed using one only this movement is primarily due to the fact that it has many variations.

Methods: supporting his/her hand of his grasp, his other hand his/her fingers so that your index finger lay closer to the knuckles of his/her hands (it should look as if you squeeze a hand ball). After that you should only compress the toes, pull or put pressure on them.

recommended application: first, grasp each finger, while slightly squeezing it. You can line up the fingertips in a line to put more pressure directly on the desired area. Don't forget to massage the upper to the fingertips of your partner, which is many nerve endings.

Use the technique of compression of the "key" to provide your partner a new sensation. Start as above, but squeeze the fingers of your partner as if you pick up the key (the thumb when it rests on your index finger). Making massage movements with your thumb, gently rotate it around and along the entire length of the fingers partner. You can also stretch each finger, moving her thumb back and forth.

Use the same method of "key", but now that you gently pull each finger from the knuckle, turn it as if it were a doorknob. After that, all the same rotating motion, apply a little pressure on your finger.


If the person you are doing massage, involved in physical labor of any severity, you should pay special attention to this technique massage. Thanks to him, arm muscles at the same time will compress, and how to stretch.

Methods: first, stretch your hand for a handshake, but grasp the other hand of your partner. Move your hand until your thumb is not to meet with him/her. Naturally your thumb will be at the base of the thumb of the partner. Massage this area for a long movements.

recommended use: giving enough attention to the bump at the base of the thumb of a partner, massage the entire area along the phalanges. After this, push your thumb to the recess in the center of the palm and knead it. It is not only convenient in the performance of movement, but also an easy way to change the handshake.

the deployment of the palm

Because we rarely stretched the hand as if "opening" it, then the application of this technique will cause goosebumps to your partner. This technique combines 2 soothing method of massage: stretching and kneading. He also includes a rather interesting move, during which you join your fingers with the fingers of your partner and thus pull them back from the palm, which ensures deep stretching.

Method: turn your hands palms upwards and straighten your fingers so that fingers are almost touching each other. Your partner should do the same. Connection point in this movement is the junction of the forefinger and the little finger. Swipe your left hand to the junction of the thumb and forefinger of your partner, and the right to the junction of his/her little finger and the index finger. Make sure that your fingers are turned down and the fingers wrapped around and support the wrist of the partner above. The result is that your hands must be deployed and, thus, stretch the palm of the partner, and also get a great foothold for massaging the big toe.

recommended use: this technique can provide an extremely deep stretching palm, therefore make careful movements. Alternate stretching your palms and massaging the big toe.


This is a pretty simple completion for a massage. "Combing" will give a new sensation to your partner during a hand massage while you're lightly stroking your fingers along his/her hands and wrists.

Methodology: starting from the wrist, gently stroke the partner's hand long slow movements.

recommended use: hands your partner will be so toned that even the lightest touch will give a great feeling. Doing this trick, do not rush.

At the end

the beauty of massage is that to enjoy him and everyone can. Instead of feeling stiffness your hands becoming flexible and their performance is markedly improved. The only question that remains afterwards is, "What do you ask your partner to do the hands in response to thank you?"

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